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A-Z Letter Formation – Handwriting Practice Video

Teach Starter Publishing
28 mins | Years: F - 1

Get your littlest learners to form their letters correctly with this set of handwriting practice videos for every letter from A to Z!

Handwriting Practice Videos from A to Z

Early years teachers understand the importance of regular handwriting practice. It enhances fine motor skills by strengthening the muscles in the hands and fingers, laying the foundation for future dexterity. Teaching students how to write well-formed letters assists in writing legibility, which becomes increasingly important as students begin to construct their own texts. Well-constructed letters increase the likelihood that others can read and understand the student’s writing, as well as them being able to read and understand their own work!

To help you teach letter formation to your students, the Teach Starter team has created this handwriting practice video covering every letter of the alphabet! From posture rhymes to interactive modelling, this resource is a fantastic way to instill proper handwriting techniques in your students in an enjoyable and effective manner.

The video unfolds as follows:

  1. Rhyme and Ready – Kickstarting with a catchy rhyme, our handwriting practice video ensures that students are not just mentally prepared but also physically aligned for the perfect handwriting experience. The rhyme establishes correct posture and pencil grip as the foundation for successful letter formation.
  2. Star-Powered Guidance – A yellow star now takes centre stage, guiding students through the precise formation of the focus letter. Accompanied by clear spoken instructions from our narrator, the star elegantly draws the letter on the screen, emphasising every stroke for clarity and understanding.
  3. Student Involvement – The students are now prompted to follow along using their pointer finger, reinforcing muscle memory and hand-eye coordination. Repetition is the key, and our video ensures that the learning process is both memorable and fun.
  4. Practice Makes Perfect – The video concludes by encouraging students to take their newfound knowledge to the next level by practising the focus letter in their handwriting books. Now equipped with the skills learned from the video, they can confidently practice writing the focus letter independently.

To find the letter you are looking for, simply scroll your mouse along the play bar until you find the letter you wish your students to practise.

Accompanying Letter Recognition Activities 

We recommend adding this handwriting practice video to your repertoire of letter recognition activities. When teaching your students how to form each focus letter correctly, it is important that your students also learn the name of the letter and the sound it makes. Some students are not aware that these are two very different things!

Thankfully, Teach Starter has a plethora of letter recognition activities for you to use in conjunction with our handwriting practice video! Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Letter Craft – Let your students get creative by crafting their very own versions of each letter of the alphabet. Provide materials like coloured paper, glue and markers to fashion their own beautiful masterpieces! If your’re looking for something a little more structured, our Letter Craft might be right up your alley!
  2. Alphabet Books – Our Little Alphabet Books are perfect for immersing your students in each letter of the alphabet, focusing on letter recognition, initial sound recognition and letter formation.
  3. Initial Sound – Help your students identify the focus letter when it is used as an initial sound in common words using an Initial Sound Worksheet. We have an interactive version too if you prefer to save paper (and time)!

More Handwriting Practice Resources From Teach Starter

If you’re looking for more resources to use when teaching handwriting to your students, you’ve come to the right place! Click below for some more teacher-created, curriculum-aligned resources!

Image of Letter Formation Alphabet Posters (With Instructions)

teaching resource

Letter Formation Alphabet Posters (With Instructions)

A set of letter formation alphabet posters, with simple instructions, to display in the classroom.

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Image of Handwriting Song Poster

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Handwriting Song Poster

A poster with The Handwriting Song to display in the classroom.

Teach Starter Publishing2 pages
Image of Tracing Numbers 0-20 Handwriting Worksheet

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Tracing Numbers 0-20 Handwriting Worksheet

Get your students tracing numbers from 0-20 with this number formation worksheet available in Australian school fonts.

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  • ACELY1653

    Produce some lower case and upper case letters using learned letter formationsElaborationsadopting correct posture and pencil grip)learning to produce simple handwriting movements)following clear demonstrations of how to construct each letter (for ex...

  • ACELY1663

    Write using unjoined lower case and upper case lettersElaborationsusing correct posture and pencil grip)learning how each letter is constructed including where to start and the direction to follow)writing words legibly using unjoined print script of ...

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