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Rainbow Breathing for Kids Video

Teach Starter Publishing
5 mins | Years: F - 6

Add deep rainbow breathing to your classroom routines with a kid-friendly mindfulness video created for primary teachers.

Breathe Deep With Rainbow Breathing for Kids

Are you looking for ways to add calm to the classroom?

Whether you’re looking for a way to start the school day with a short meditation routine that will help students focus, or you’re looking for a new tool to use during your transitions to help students shift their focus and calm down, this 5-minute rainbow breathing video was created by our teacher team to do just that!

The video features colourful illustrated rainbow imagery and a soothing voice that walks students step-by-step through a process of deep breathing and gentle arm movements to find their centre and achieve mindfulness.

What Is Rainbow Breathing?

Did you hear about rainbow breathing, and you’re trying to learn more about the practice and how it can help kids in the classroom? Let’s start with a definition!

Rainbow breathing, or rainbow breath, is a calming technique that involves taking deep, slow breaths while visualising the colours of a rainbow. Each of the colours represents a specific step in the process.

For example, in the video, students are guided through the process of painting first a red stripe of the rainbow as they breathe, then an orange one, followed by yellow and so on — following the traditional ROY G BIV arcs of the rainbow while taking deep breaths.

How to Use Rainbow Breathing in the Classroom

We already mentioned this video is perfect for calming students down after the madness of the morning rush into the classroom, and it’s great for transitions, but how else can you add rainbow breathing to your classroom routines? Here are a few tips from our teacher team!

  1. Practise Rainbow Breathing Before Major Tests — Standardised testing can be extra stressful for some students, so why not take 5 minutes before your class heads into the testing room to go through the video, allowing kids to find their centre and destress?
  2. Watch the Video Before Class Presentations — Do you have a presentation day on the calendar? Before asking students to share their projects in front of the class, walk them through a rainbow breathing exercise to help them stay calm and focused.
  3. Enhance Your Conflict Resolution — When conflicts arise in the classroom, teach your students to use the rainbow breathing they have learned! It can give them a moment to step back and think before reacting.
  4. End the School Day With Some Calm — Wind down the school day with a quick rainbow breathing session to help students relax and reflect on their day.

More Deep Breathing for Kids

Don’t stop there! Our teacher team has more deep breathing activities to help you teach mindfulness and encourage students to destress!

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