Ways to Use Our Label Creator Widget (a Teacher’s Best Friend!)

11+ Way to Use Our Label Creator Widget

Written by Emma (Teach Starter)

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – our teaching widgets are the best. Have you checked them out? Label Creator, Dice Roller, Math Mentals Generator, Vocabulary Word of the Day Spinner, and so much more… these widgets really are a teacher’s best friend!

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The Label Creator Widget is one of the best, in my humble opinion. It’s such a simple tool that can be used in so many helpful ways.

Make label creating a breeze! And what’s a classroom without a variety of labels suited to your handwriting style and theme, anyway!?

How to Use the Label Creator Widget

It could not be more simple to use this tool. Select your layout, select your image, and input your text. Select your font style and color, and then press download to see the result!


Place a different picture on each card if you really want to!

The best thing about this widget is that you can print the same labels in a range of sizes – without mucking around with spacing or moving images around to fit.

The widget will change the image and font size for you.

11+ Ways to Use the Teach Starter Label Creator Widget

We’ve put together a quick list of useful ways to make the most of this fun widget. Check them out, and then have a play around for yourself! Your drawers, your walls, your students… these ideas will get you labeling in no time!

Student Name Tags

We’ve all been there – it’s field trip time and you’ve got to whip up some name tags for your students! Rather than simply writing with a permanent marker on a sticker (which gets lost by the end of the day anyway) why not use this amazing tool to create some cute name tags?

11+ Ways to use our label creator widget - Create Student Name Tags

These name tags can be used for more than just a school field trip!

  • Place them on a classroom jobs roster.
  • Use them to label student folders and books.
  • Print them and keep them handy when randomly selecting names out of a hat.

Literacy Helpers

Generate some helpful cards for your class with the label creator. Because you can download these labels in such a variety of sizes, they make the perfect resource to create literacy cards to accompany your lessons.

Why not create sight words that your students can use to practice their spelling and reading? You can use these as handy flashcards for word recognition, and when your students are preparing to spell them they can use them as easy-to-grab prompts. You can create your own handwriting sheets with our Customizable HandwritingSheets Widget – why not laminate a few for re-usable handwriting practice as you go?

11+ Ways to Use our Label Creator Widget - Use our label creator widget to produce sight word flash cards for your classroom!

We’ve put some digraph blends into the generator, and paired it with a visual clue! Print these cards and stick them on your whiteboard. Use alphabet magnets for an engaging spelling or reading activity.

11+ Ways to Use our Label Creator Widget - Use our label creator widget to produce literacy tools for your students

Laminate these and use them with dry erase markers if alphabet magnets aren’t readily available!

Classroom Organization

A teacher’s office isn’t complete without a set of labels! I just don’t feel organized without them. Who’s with me?

I’ve printed out the 3 x 2 labels on notecards to create tiny cards to suit my drawers. School supply labels make great additions to any desk set up to make supplies quick to find, especially if you send a student into your room to fetch something!

11+ Ways to Use our Label Creator Widget - Create cute drawer labels with this design

The wonderful thing about creating editable labels to suit a range of sizes is that you can have continuity throughout the resources on your desk.

11+ Ways to Use our Label Creator Widget - Streamline your classroom labels with this widget

Create folder spine covers, and pair them with in-tray labels to give your office supplies a seamless feel. Label student journals and folders in the same way so they never get misplaced again!

11+ Ways to Use our Label Creator Widget - Streamline your classroom labels with this widget

Students will know by sight which journal and folder goes where, and your classroom will look neat and put together.

Password Keep Cards

Our label creator widget also makes great wallet or diary sized cards.

These can be handy for remembering student ID numbers or passwords for class accounts.

11+ Ways to Use our Label Creator Widget - Create student password cards with this widget

Tape them to the inside of student journals to remind them of their passwords!

Independent Learning Tools

Having a set of neatly printed visual aids for independent student activities goes a long way to encouraging student participation.

Try one of these ideas:

  • vocabulary words for students to research and define
  • sentence starters
  • open-ended questions cards for comprehension.

11+ Ways to Use our Label Creator Widget - Create vocabulary words for your students to research independently

Print off the cards on cardstock so they can be re-used time and again!

Signs for Around the School

You may not think of a letter-sized page as a label, but you can turn it into one!

This type of label from the label creator is perfect for making signs for around your classroom, and even your school.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – the best thing about this widget is its ability to easily print resources on a number of different sized templates – with the click of a button!

Here, I’ve made a sign for the school library. Why not reprint this in a smaller size as a bookmark for students?

11+ Way to Use Our Label Creator Widget - Signs for the classroom and around the school are a breeze with this widget

Book Cover Pages

Our last hot tip for today is another brilliant way to use the label creator to make letter-size pages.

The font styles available in this resource make it perfect for creating book covers for students folders and journals. Simply put in your text, an appropriate picture, and you’re ready to go!

This attractive handwriting folder would make any student want to practice! I’ve printed out our Alphabet Handwriting Sheets – Including Non-Examples to include in this folder.

11+ Ways to Use Our Label Creator Widget - Create a cover sheet for your students' work folders

Your schoolbooks can be streamlined in this manner with the click of a few buttons. No spacing, no searching for borders. Easy peasy!

What’s your favorite Teach Starter Widget?

Check them out and see how they can make your life easier!

Make your classroom buzz! Create a free Teach Starter account and download hundreds of time-saving resources. Find out more

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