35 Essential Resources and Ideas to Set Up Your Classroom

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Holly (Teach Starter)

Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

Have you got your very own classroom for the first time?

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Are you moving year levels or classrooms?

Do you feel like your classroom needs a freshen up?

I have put together some of my most favorite Teach Starter resources and essential items to help you set up your classroom.

Tips and Resources Classroom Set Up

Use a Classroom Theme

Our theme packs are the perfect way to quickly set up your classroom. They help create a visually appealing classroom for your students and any other visitors to your room. Our classroom theme packs include: welcome signs, group posters, tray labels, name labels and much more.

Here are our some of our most popular editable classroom theme packs – we have something for everyone:

Here is an example of our Funky Chalkboard Classroom Theme Pack in action:

Classroom Welcome Sign

Classroom Set Up Ideas

English Group Organization Display

Classroom Set Up Ideas

Tray Labels for Storage

Classroom SEt Up Ideas

Subject Display Boards

Setting up subject display boards, with a generic border and headings, means that all you need to do is change the content on the board each term or the start of a new unit.

Displaying visually appealing reminders to your students about certain learning areas is a much needed addition to your classroom.

I used the Funky Chalkboard Classroom Theme Pack borders and the Letter, Number and Punctuation Set – Cartoon Orange for the heading in the picture below.

Here are some Math classroom posters that may work on a maths classroom display board:

Get a Timer

Any sort of classroom timer is essential for every classroom! It’s a great way to keep the students, and yourself, on track with particular activities! I found it helped keep students focused and on task to get their work completed before the timer went off!

You may like to give different groups different timers, depending on their abilities. That way, you have different groups finishing at different times and you can spend some valuable time with each smaller group!

Using a Timer in the Classroom

Controlling Classroom Chatter

How will you control the noise level in your classroom?

As we all know some chatter in the classroom means learning is happening! However, you need to be able to control the level of noise to ensure it is the best learning environment possible for every student in your class. I found this idea on Pinterest and fell in love!

Use one of our classroom letter sets to create the word ‘Noise’, as the level of noise in the classroom is creeping up and getting a little too noisy remove a letter. This gives the students a warning that it is becoming too loud.

If all letters have to be removed, the class has to remain silent until you are happy to give them another chance.

I used the Letter, Number and Punctuation Sets – General School Style letter set for the below image.

Add Personal Touches

Don’t be afraid to add personal touches to your classroom.

Buying a cheap rug and bringing in some plants can really change up the feeling of a classroom. Apart from brightening up your classroom, using a classroom rug brings an element of home to the classroom, making it feel comfortable for your students.

It is also a nice way to show early years children that this is the whole class sitting spot!

Get Organized!

Print and laminate English classroom games and Math classroom games that can be used in your classroom through out the year. Whether you are learning a particular topic, or you have some students that always finish tasks quickly, having a stack of games that can be accessed at the appropriate level of your students is a life saver!

I bought these zip locked plastic sleeves from my local cheap shop, they are great as they are a little thicker than the Ziploc bags!

Here are some Classroom Math games that may interest you:

Classroom Birthday Display Boards

Kids love celebrating their birthdays! It also makes each student feel welcomed in the classroom when they see their name on a birthday display board.

Why not use it for daily learning of the months of the year, or even maths questions – ‘How many days until Eddie’s birthday?’

We used our gorgeous Classroom Cupcake Birthday Chart for the below display.

Classroom Rules Display

Having set classroom rules are crucial to the smooth running of your classroom. You may like to have you students come up with their very own class rules. Alternatively, this cute display is bright, vibrant and a nice addition to your classroom.

I used the Our Class Rules banner and Our Class Rules – Set of 9 Posters for this display.

Stock Pile of Stickers

Stickers and teachers go together like strawberries and cream! Have a basket full of different stickers handy to give out to students caught doing the right thing or to put on students completed work!

You may like to use our reward desk charts so that you can add up students stickers! They love to see the stickers they have achieved in one spot!


For some fantastic ways to set up routines in your classroom – check out out blog – 5 Simple Ways to Develop Routines in the Classroom.

Fill Your Room with Positivity!

Use our beautifully designed classroom positivity posters to brighten your classroom and give your students a positive outlook during the school day!

Positivity Posters for the Classroom

If you have an amazing classroom setup, please post it on our Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #teachstarter.

We would love to see and share it!

Make your classroom buzz! Subscribe to Teach Starter and access thousands of curriculum-aligned resources and digital learning tools. Get Started

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