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Comprehension - What Are Coding Systems?

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 3 pages | Grades: 5 - 7

A comprehension activity relating to technologies and coding systems.

Use this comprehension activity when learning about technologies in your classroom.

A comprehension activity with provided text and question sheets. There is no answer sheet provided for this text, as most of the responses will differ.

‘A coding system is a way of writing or communicating a word, sentence or instruction for someone or something else, like a computer, to understand and follow. They can only be understood by those who comprehend the coding language that it is written in, or those who can understand and use a translation key. Coding systems can be a variety of things but essentially, they are a way of getting a message across from A to B. Coding systems are used to make all technological and electronic devices work including computers, laptops and smart devices.’


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