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Printable World Biome Map

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PDF | 1 page | Grades: 3 - 6

A poster to display in the classroom when locating the different biomes of the world.

Download and Print a Map of the Biomes of the World

As teachers, we know the importance of providing engaging and informative resources for our students. That’s why we’re excited to share this printable map of the different biomes around the world with you.

This high-quality map is visually pleasing and packed with information about the different biomes, including their global locations. It is perfect for use in a classroom setting and is an excellent way to supplement any geography, biology, or environmental science lesson.

Ways to Use a Biome Map of the World

Here are five ideas for using this biome map in the classroom:

  1. Use the map to introduce the concept of biomes and the different types that exist around the world.
  2. Have students use the map to research and present on a specific biome of their choice.
  3. Use the map as a visual aid during discussions about conservation and the impact of human activity on different biomes.
  4. Have students use the map to create a scavenger hunt-style activity where they have to find and identify different biomes on the map.
  5. Use the map to create a group project where students have to create a hypothetical scenario and explain how it would affect the different biomes worldwide.

Overall, this printable biome map is an essential resource for teachers looking to bring their social studies lessons to life. Your students will love learning about the world’s different biomes with this colorful and informative map.

The biomes shown on this poster include:
  • tundras
  • coniferous forests
  • grasslands
  • deciduous forests
  • rainforests
  • deserts.


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