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World Map - Continents, Oceans, and Countries

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PDF | 1 page | Grades: 2 - 6

Teach your students about the continents, oceans, and countries of the world with this highly detailed map.

Explore the World with a Map of the Continents and Oceans

Are you venturing on an adventure into World Geography with your students? Well, they will need to become familiar with the world’s continents, oceans, and countries!

This world map enables your students to become more familiar with the seven continents, five oceans, and approximately 195 countries that comprise our great planet. The map comes in various download options to best suit your teaching and learning needs! The options include:

  • Color map with lines of latitude and longitude
  • Color map without lines of latitude and longitude
  • Black-and-white map with lines of latitude and longitude
  • Black-and-white map without lines of latitude and longitude

Whatever your purpose, you are bound to find the download option that best meets your lesson’s learning objectives!

Multiple Uses for These Australia-Centred Maps of the World

These maps of the world with labeled countries make a great asset to your Social Studies lessons and can be used in a multitude of ways in your classroom. Here are some suggestions:

Explore the location of the world’s countries as a whole-class activity

The color version of this map of the world is the kind of resource that any teacher of world geography needs to access on a frequent basis! Project the map onto your interactive whiteboard for a paperless lesson or class review session. Have students take turns coming to the board to point out specific continents, oceans, and countries of interest. As an added challenge, why not ask your students to name the line of latitude or longitude upon which a particular continent is located?

Create a classroom display

Make this color world map the central feature of a classroom display displaying key information about the continents, oceans, and countries of the world. Have students write fact cards, then use string or wool to link each fact card to the corresponding position on the world map. Instant bulletin board!

Reinforce mapping skills through color-coding

Provide students with their own printed copy of the world map. Decide whether to provide the version with or without the lines of latitude and longitude according to student ability. Have the students color-code the countries based on specific criteria, then create a legend to explain the meaning of the colors. Why not get your students to color-code the map according to:

  • Population
  • Language spoken
  • Climate
  • Average life expectancy
  • Education levels
  • Student ancestry
  • And much more!

Select the File That Best Suits Your Needs

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