Technology K-2.6

Technology operations and concepts. The student demonstrates knowledge and appropriate use of technology systems, concepts, and operations. The student is expected to:

  • (1) use appropriate terminology regarding basic hardware, software applications, programs, networking, virtual environments, and emerging technologies;
    • (A) use appropriate digital tools and resources for storage, access, file management, collaboration, and designing solutions to problems;
    • (B) perform basic software application functions, including opening an application and creating, modifying, printing, and saving files;
    • (C) use a variety of input, output, and storage devices;
    • (D) use proper keyboarding techniques such as ergonomically correct hand and body positions appropriate for Kindergarten-Grade 2 learning;
    • (E) demonstrate keyboarding techniques for operating the alphabetic, numeric, punctuation, and symbol keys appropriate for Kindergarten-Grade 2 learning; and
    • (F) use the help feature online and in applications.

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