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Disco Dancer 1-Minute Timer Video

Teach Starter Publishing
1 min | Grades: 1 - 5

Use this groovy disco-themed one-minute timer for the classroom to manage transitions, time challenges and more!

Add a Groovy One-Minute Timer to the Classroom!

Get your students grooving to the disco beats of this fun digital timer for the classroom. Our teacher team designed this handy timer so it offers a 10-second countdown to get students ready, then counts down 60 seconds — offering you two timers in one funky video!

You can keep the volume turned on to add the fun disco beat to encourage kids to groove along as they transition between classroom activities, or you can press the mute button and simply allow the numbers to count down on the screen. Either way, this kid-friendly timer is a classroom management must-have!

Save Time … Literally

Did you know you can save your Teach Starter videos to make them easy to find when needed? Just hit the bookmark icon beneath your video to add your timer to your favorite Teach Starter resources.

Any time you need your timer, you can go straight to your content hub and select “Bookmarks” in the lefthand navigation to play the video.

More Ways to Use Your One-Minute Timer Video

Looking for more ways to groove to this funky timer? We’ve already mentioned counting down time during transitions, but here are a few more ideas from our teacher team!

  1. Start the one-minute timer, and challenge your students to complete a quick brain break or physical activity before it runs out.
  2. Use the timer as a signal for turn-taking during class discussions or sharing sessions. Each student gets one minute to share their thoughts or ideas.
  3. Give your students a “disco dance break” after they’ve been sitting for a while. Let kids stand up and dance to the music when the timer goes off for a quick movement-based brain break!
  4. Use the timer during partner or small group activities. Students take turns working on a task and switch when the timer goes off.

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