10 Olympic-Inspired Classroom Activities and Resources (2021)

Holly (Teach Starter)

Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

With the Tokyo Olympics just around the corner, it is time to find some fun and educational ways to celebrate in your classroom. We have put together some of our favourite Olympic-inspired art activities and classroom resources to help your students get into the spirit of the Olympics. It only comes around every four years (or so)… let’s celebrate!

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Summer Olympic Activities Your Kids Will Love

Learn about the history of the Olympics through these fun activities and resources.

(1) Paper Torch Craft Activity

A printable craft template your students can use to create their very own Paper Olympic Torch.

A great opportunity to talk about the history of the Olympic torch and follow its journey.

Olympic Torch Craft Activity

(2) Oil Pastel Smudge Activity

Begin by cutting out five circles the same size using a piece of heavy-duty cardboard. You will need a new circle template each time you create a ring, otherwise, the colours will smudge all over the piece of paper. Place the first circle down and colour on the inside edge of the circle template, smudge outwards creating the bursting effect. Once you have finished the blue, get another circle and repeat for each of the Olympic colours. A fun, yet effective art idea to help decorate your classroom.

Olympic activity for kids

(3) Team Uniform Craft Activity

Using our Team Uniform worksheet, have students imagine they are going to represent their country at an international sporting event. They have to design a uniform for their team to wear during the event. I used cardboard and a black marker.

You may like to provide your students with a number of different options such as paper, wool, fabric, paint and pens.

Olympic activity for kids

 (4) Coloured Ring Stamp Craft

Using paint, find the five colours of the Olympic rings (red, blue, green, yellow and black). Create circle stamps using the bottom and top of a paper cup to create different sizes. Another cheap, simple, yet effective art idea to decorate your classroom.

Olympic activity for kids

(5) Athlete Profile Template

Students could research a famous athlete from their country. After completing this template, they could then present their athlete profile to the class.

Athlete profile template

(6) Classroom Decoration – Flags of the World Bunting

Use our Flags of the World posters to create some bunting for the classroom. It provides a great opportunity to explore other countries and where they are located, too! Why not pop up a map of the world and match the flag to the country?

Flags of the world bunting for the classroom

(7) Olympic Medal – Design Task

A design task to use in your classroom when learning about the Olympics and host cities. Students are required to design an Olympic medal to reflect their city.

Olympic Medal Design Task

(8) The Mini-Olympics for Kids

Have some fun with your students and hold a Mini-Olympics. Download our Mini-Olympics – Whole Class Event and have some fun with these novelty event task cards.

How to run a mini olympics for kids

(9) Origami Medal Activity

A cute little activity that you can do with your students to add to your Mini-Olympics event!

Olympic activity for kids

(10) Chain of Facts!

Write down a list of facts about the Olympics and each day reveal an interesting fact and add it to the ‘Chain of Facts’ to hang in your classroom!

Olympic activity for kids

More Olympics resources…

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Jenny Rowland

I cannot print the Olympics word wall

Jenny Rowland · Jul 18th, 2021

Holly (Teach Starter)

Hi there Jenny, I’m sorry you can’t print this resource. Everything seems to be working okay from our end. Can you just double-check you are using Chrome? If you are and are still having issues, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we’d be more than happy to help.

Holly (Teach Starter) · Jul 20th, 2021

Jeffrey Douglass

Hey TeachStarter team. With the Olympics coming round again this year (WHOOO HOO!) could you please update and release a Tokyo 2020 Countdown Poster and inspired borders to match? Would be much appreciated as I’m doing an Olympic themed classroom this year 🙂

Jeffrey Douglass · Jan 23rd, 2020

Paul (Teach Starter)

Hi Jeffrey,

We are definitely looking to add some general resources related to the games. Keep an eye out for them later in the year, closer to the event.

Paul (Teach Starter) · Jan 27th, 2020

Aashna Dhingra

I have been teaching the kids about all this in my tutoring classes. They loved it!!! Me and my class found it a great resource to learn about the history of the Olympics, maths question on Olympics, vocab words of Olympic and do some fun art. It is an excellent way for me to teach kids about the Olympics.

Aashna Dhingra · Aug 20th, 2016

Jennifer Davies

The Olympic rings-inspired art will make some simple and effective book covers! Now to get my hands on some foam cups before tomorrow… Thanks for the fun idea!

Jennifer Davies · Aug 17th, 2016

Holly (Teach Starter)

Nice idea Jennifer!! I think you could easily use paper cups as well.
Kind regards,

Holly (Teach Starter) · Aug 18th, 2016

Natalie Gilenko

Great ideas, will be using them in my classroom this term to celebrate the Olympics!

Natalie Gilenko · Jul 18th, 2016

Holly (Teach Starter)

Thanks for your lovely feedback Natalie! We hope your students enjoy these activities! Let us know how they go.
Kind regards,

Holly (Teach Starter) · Jul 19th, 2016

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