20 Classroom Treasures Found in a Cheap Shop

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  • Hayley Dorrstein

    As I am an Early Years trained teacher I always seem to spot things for 'hands on' or play based learning in particular math...In the house/ decorating sections or the craft sections I have found small pinecones, shells, wooden balls etc.I really enjoy the children using small objects that they can use to solve problems. A lot of cheap shops also have play money which is great for playing shops, so many learning opportunities there! Be careful though as some have a mixture of denominations (which could also be a learning experience though or a sorting activity). The craft section also usually has bright coloured paper in all different shapes and sizes, great for displays but especially if a shop has been made in the room. Stamps and stickers can also be used by the children when they are having trouble with one-to-one correspondence, fine motor, patterning and as a counting on strategy.

    • Holly (Teach Starter)

      Thanks so much for your comment Hayley and for your tips!

  • Cassie (Teach Starter)

    Hi Melanie! Thank you for the tip about checking the glass in cheaper magnifying glasses. That is definitely something to consider! These items were all found in a store in Brisbane. Thank you for your comment! Regards, Cassie

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