68 Ideas and Tips for Setting Up Maths Rotations in the Classroom

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    Where do you find the circle that has the activities on it? Cant find it anywhere!

  • Deanne Grant

    I have a manager for each group- On my chart I put a dot next to each name when chosen as the manager- for my own benefit so I can see who has had a turn being manager. No real way of choosing a manager- its just who I think would be good on the day, and so it also becomes a fairness task too, to esnure everyone get the same number of turns. Managers role- take any resources to their group. Group members to ask their manager for help. If the manager cant solve the problem, they come to me. Manager also comes to me if they are having problems getting group members to focus on the task given. The manager is the only person to come to me- I am already working with a group and its much better if I only have 2 managers come to me with a problem, instead of 8 or so people (I have 16 in my class!) Far less interruptions for my group! This works really well. I have done this for years! We also doa group reflection at the end. Manager wears reflection glasses (party play glasses from BigW! They LOVE this!!), and I ask them to reflect on their group- great if having a social goal as part of their learning too. I also ask the group if the manager was on task and a helpful manager. Alsways works so well! Reason they are a 'manager-' it imples managing the group- they maange the resources, everyone is focusing, and the thidying up. It is a group effort, and must not be left to the manager to pack up. I dont use the word leader or boss, as these words could give the child in question a different take on the role. No one likes a bossy boss! But we love a helpful manager!

    • Kristian

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I am so glad you are enjoying our resources. You have some great ideas here, thanks so much for sharing.

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