Wild Book Week 2020 Ideas for Little Creatures (Early Years)


Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

Well, Book Week 2020 may look a little different from previous years. The much loved Book Week parade with special guests (parents) may not be possible. But, there are still many activities and dress ups to be had this year! Whilst some schools may have already celebrated, many are eagerly awaiting the new dates for Book week, the 17-23 October. And, if you are one of those that are searching for Book Week 2020 ideas, like always, we have created some super cute resources that go perfectly with the theme for book week…

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Curious Creatures, Wild Minds!

Book Week 2020 Ideas

How super adorable are these Book Week 2020 posters?

To go with these gorgeous classroom posters we also have some fabulous Book Week 2020 printable displays ready for you to decorate your school library or classroom!

Book Week 2020 Ideas and Resources

Before we get into the fun activities and resources we have created for your little creatures, if you have bigger creatures (upper years students), you may like to check out Emma’s blog – Book Week Activities 2020 – Upper Years Creature Feature. So, without further ado, I present to you some of the cutest most adorable activities for your students to complete during Book Week!

Book Week 2020 Ideas and Resources

Create a Monster Corner Bookmark (FREE Download)

These super adorable monster corner bookmarks are not only super cute. But, they will also have your students eager to read and use their very own monster bookmarks!

Creating these corner bookmarks is made easy with our downloadable template. Once students have cut and glued their monster together they can either use the eyes that come with the template or stick on some googly eyes!

Monster corner bookmark template

I used some patterned paper I bought from Kmart to make these corner bookmarks.

Use Texture to Create a Crazy Creature

Download our Create a Creature – Craft Activity Cut-Outs template (you may like to get your students to share between two).  We have created this fantastic teacher-led video that will guide your students through an understanding of the art element of texture. It also includes each step they will need to build their crazy creatures!

Here’s a bit of a sneak peek…


Before you show your students the Create a Creature Student-Facing video, you’ll need to have all of the following materials ready to go:

  • Create a Creature template
  • Craft glue
  • Different materials with different textures
  • Scissors
  • Coloured pens

Use your students’ crazy creatures to create a classroom display – included in the template is a speech bubble that students could write an ‘I wonder..’ question to go with their crazy creature!

Create a crazy creature

Why not get your students to complete a Character Profile template for their crazy creature too?

Create a Book Report

Not just your ordinary book report template – this fun Curious Creature Book Report Template includes a super adorable monster for the students to decorate.

To complete this activity, students will need to decorate the curious creature in their own unique style. Then, they complete the book report on the ‘cover’ of the book before assembling the pieces of the template to make their creature ‘hold’ the book.

Book report template

This is a must check out book – ‘Argh! There’s a skeleton inside you!

The book above was included on our Recommended Books – Lower Years resource that was created by award-winning teacher-librarian Megan Daley. The picture books on this list have been carefully selected to showcase exceptional writing and illustrating, as well as representing diversity in all forms.

Explore a Poem

The Troll is a poem that has been written by one of our resident teachers – Stephanie Mulrooney. The poem provides perfect imagery, describing the Troll’s appearance and personality. Your students will love hearing about the crazy creature that is The Troll!

Included in this download are some super fun activities that your students can complete in relation to the poem. Some activities include:

  • Make a list of all the rhyming words you can find in the poem.
  • Imagine the ugly troll lives in a cottage deep in the forest. Draw, colour and label a picture of the troll’s cottage.
  • Learn a verse from this poem, then recite it to your friends.
The Troll poem and task cards

Your students will absolutely adore this poem!

Mysterious Story Settings and Crazy Creature Characters

Engage your students’ imagination with this super fun and mysterious printable resource! When I was in the classroom, students’ writing was always that much better when they were given a choice of visual prompts!

Why not provide your students with our set of three Mysterious Story Setting Background Posters and our Curious Creatures Character Spinner to inspire an imaginative story writing experience!

Book Week 2020 resources and activities

The Story Setting Posters include a mysterious cave, mushroom village and floating village.

Adorable Printable Student Bookmarks

Print out our Curiosity and Imagination Bookmarks. These bookmarks are based around the curiosity and imagination reading can inspire!

You could provide a bookmark to your students as a gift during Book Week. Alternatively, the bookmarks are available to print in black and white so your students can decorate the bookmarks themselves.

Student bookmarks for book week

Get your students wild about reading with these bookmarks!

Roll to Create a Creature

Download our Roll to Create a Creature Game for a fun, hands-on activity using dice and a chart to create a crazy creature! We’ve also used our Character Adjective Concertina Template to encourage students to use adjectives to describe their creature’s appearance and personality!

Students can use blank paper to draw the different features. Alternatively, they can use the template from our Create a Creature template for parts of their creature’s body.

Roll to create a creature template

How adorable is this character adjective concertina template?

Whole-Class Creation + Classroom Display

Emma highlighted this activity in her Book Week Activities for Upper Years Students feature. But, we think this fun activity is perfect for any year level!

Your class will love letting their imaginations run away with the Curious Creature Whole-Class Art Activity! The task is simple – give each student a piece of the curious creature, and allow them to pattern and colour in whichever way they see fit! Then, reassemble the finished product for a whole-class collaborative art piece.

Students can then give their class creature a name and write a story together! What fun…

Book week activity for kids

Such a fun classroom display the whole-class can create!

Well, there you have it, some of the cutest Book Week activities and resources going around.

For more resources and ideas head on over to our Book Week 2020 Resource Collection.

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Hi team! thank you so much for these activities. Are you able to provide me with the title of the book that is featured in the Create a Monster Corner Bookmark section. Thank you 🙂

Jennifer Elias · Oct 14th, 2020

Hey Jennifer, thanks for your kind words! The book that is featured in that photo is a beautiful children’s storybook by Alison Lester called ‘Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo’.

Holly (Teach Starter) · Oct 15th, 2020

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