Clever Tip for Keeping Track of Student Observations

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During small group instructions, such as reading and writing, or even during a whole class writing session, you are often faced with a number of observations on your students.

You may have noticed that during a guided reading session, Bobby is struggling to decode words, or that Jill has found the level of text too easy and needs to be moved up to a higher level.

During maths, Victoria may be reversing her numbers, particular 9 and 5, Amy is really struggling with place value and Joe finished the work correctly in 5 minutes!

All of these little observations are great and are what help you to cater your lessons to your class.

However, trying to remember every single observation, especially for a class of 25 or more students, can get tricky, even for the most experienced of teachers! I tried to have a little notebook handy for these types of situations, however, I would often write them down and that was it!

I stumbled across this brilliant idea on Pinterest and just had to share! I think it is a simple, yet clever way to keep track of the students in your class.

I used one side of a manila folder and then customised our desk name tags – patterns and stuck 6 student names on each colour (each colour could represent the groups).

You may like to make a whole class option where you open up the manilla folder and have all of your students’ names inside!

At the end of a school day, you can consolidate all of your notes and either type them up in a spreadsheet or simply stick them in student files!

Another option is to stick them all in the following weeks planning to ensure you action as many of the observations as you can!


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