How to Transform Sight Words into Heart Words

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  • Kerry-Lee Sheard

    Or we could stop simplifying things that don't need simplifying and teach the IPA. A

    • Bronwyn

      Thanks for your suggestion, Kerry-Lee. We like to explore all avenues of current best practice. Have an excellent week.

  • Sophia Spencer

    Is photo of the word 'said' as a heart word on the whiteboard photograph associated with the article misrepresenting the article message and video? said - ai making /e/ is representing one sound so should it be one heart for the phoneme?

    • Holly (Teach Starter)

      Hi Sophia! Thanks so much for your comment. When we were researching all about this strategy - there were both the hearts for each letter that needed to be learnt off by heart, as well as just the one heart if it was more than one letter but one grapheme. We decided to include both examples, however, after your comment and a few others - we tend to agree with the one heart for the one sound (particularly with the example of 'said'). We have changed the images in the blog to reflect this thought. Thank you so much again for your comment. It's certainly a process of learning and we love sharing this evidence-based research with our wonderful readers! Have a lovely day - Holly

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