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Spotlight Teacher Hacks You'll Love!

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We know how much teachers love teacher hacks, which is why we just can’t help but write blogs that feature super clever hacks for the classroom. We’ve done #ikeahacksforteachers (twice in fact) with our 8 IKEA Hacks for the Classroom and 8 More IKEA Hacks for the Classroom. Then we moved on to another fav amongst the teaching Instagram community – Kmart! – with our 9 Kmart Hacks for the Classroom and Teacher Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind.

So, how could we leave out another favourite store that teachers seem to gravitate towards? We love its amazing storage supplies and other fun classroom supplies. That’s right, it’s Spotlight!

To help us find the best hacks so we don’t waste too much of your precious time, we enlisted the support of the ever amazing Ally from @theyoungeducator.

Spotlight teacher hacks

Ally confesses to being an absolute Spotlight fan!

 Spotlight Teacher Hacks for the Classroom

The Spotlight Trolley

If there’s one thing you’ll want to check out at Spotlight, it’s the storage solutions at affordable prices! There is a selection of trolleys available that are the perfect solution to storing bits and bobs in the classroom.

Like any store, certain products come in and out, and the one featured in this photo isn’t available at the moment. However, the ever-popular Recollections Lexington Cart will do the same job.

Spotlight teacher hacks

Ally uses a trolley to store all of her indoor recess play equipment in one handy spot. No rushing around trying to find things to occupy the kids when it’s raining outside during playtime – it’s all in one hand location!

Vinyl Table Cloth

This is one thing that I purchased in my first year of teaching and it was one thing that I used time and time again!

Especially handy for the early years teacher – this jellybean themed piece of vinyl can be purchased by the meter and comes in all sorts of fun patterns!

Vinyl for art classes

This was my painting tablecloth! I would often throw it over a group of tables during Art lessons. At the end of the class, you can just wipe it clean with a wet cloth.

Storage Solutions

Yep, we mentioned it before – but the storage solutions at Spotlight are #teacherstoragegoals!

This Multicoloured Drawer Organiser is super useful for a teacher who may be struggling with storage in their classroom. Especially handy to store worksheets or classroom games. The options are endless really!

Storage solutions for teachers

I had a set of these drawers next to my desk with all of the classroom games I had created!

Revamp Old Furniture with Fabric

If you’re feeling a little creative and want to revamp some old furniture, the fabric section at Spotlight is where you need to head!

Check out these gorgeous stools that Ally revamped for her classroom using some fabric from Spotlight!

Revamped furniture for the classroom

So bright and fun!

Wooden Trays for Hands-On Activities

You can purchase a variety of wooden trays for the classroom. These would be the perfect addition to any early years setting – especially for those messy hands-on activities where you want to confine the mess to one spot.

It’s also a good way to store items required for morning group activities!

Spotlight teacher hacks for the classroom

Wooden trays are perfect to keep the mess of hands-on activities in one spot!

Colourful Storage Containers

These craft storage containers are literally gold in teachers’ eyes! There are SO MANY WAYS you could use these in your classroom.

Ally is a very lucky teacher and also has her very own cricut machine (which you can also purchase at Spotlight) and has labelled these containers for some extra super level organisation in her classroom!

Storage in the classroom

The perfect storage solution for task cards in the classroom!

Lap Trays for the Classroom

Flexible seating goals would be having some of these lap trays for students to choose to work on!

These are available in a variety of colours and are only $10 each – but keep an eye out for them at your local Spotlight store as they are often sold out! You can also try purchasing online!

Flexible seating for the classroom

The look on Ally’s face says it all! These lap trays are the perfect addition to your flexible seating classroom.

Utilise Fabric for Displays

Another #fabrichack for the classroom is utilising the material for backing on your classroom displays. Not only do they look super visually appealing but they are also great for the environment as they can be used time and time again.

Fabric on classroom displays

Gone are the days of paper that just rips for the backing on classroom displays – hello fabric displays!

Quiet Critters or Warm Fuzzies

Shopping at Spotlight brings the added benefit of checking out the huge craft collection too!

Spotlight has everything you need to make some cute little quiet critters or warm fuzzies for the classroom to help with classroom management. Quiet critters are little colourful pompoms with eyes and sometimes little feet. They are used to encourage children to work quietly (when required). They come out and sit on the students’ desks when it isn’t too noisy but hide when it gets too noisy for them. Cute!

Spotlight has these bright and cheerful pompoms available as well as the googly eyes you need to stick on the pompoms.

Pompoms for Quiet Critters / Lyudmila Epova

There are honestly so many amazing discoveries you’ll notice when walking around a Spotlight store.

Share your favourite Spotlight items in the comments of this blog!


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