How to Create a Student-Led Classroom Behaviour Contract in Primary School

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  • Alana Stewart

    Link your classroom contract to you classroom reward system and reward your students for upholding thier committment to the classroom contract." So sorry I feel bad, but there is two spelling mistakes in the comments - (thier - their & committment - commitment). I love the step by step guide and will certainly give it a go this year.

    • Emma (Teach Starter)

      Hi Alana, thanks so much for pointing those ones out to us! We have fixed them up. Good luck giving your classroom contract a go this year!

  • Megan Courtney

    This is seriously amazing! I've just made up some slides to support this process.. I have a few tricky lads this year and I'm excited to see how much they engage with creating our contract. Thank you TeachStarter crew for being fab-u-lous!

    • Alison Smith

      Hi Megan, thanks so much for the positive feedback. I hope that you and your students enjoy success in creating a classroom contract! Have a great afternoon, Ali

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