The Powerful Benefits of Storytelling

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    In the past year we have moved house 4 times and now live 600km from where my children were born and lived their whole short lives.  While they have demonstrated remarkable resiliance I began telling my 5 year old bedtime stories about a princess with her name who lived in an enormous castle with all her friends and family, both near and far.  The story always starts with a long list of kings, queens, princess and princesses who live in a giant castle in our new town.  I had tried to invent adventurous stories (sometimes using books and movies as inspirations) but I've found that lists of amazing things are the most popular eg: all the friends and family went to the petting zoo and saw baby lambs (awwwwwe) baby calfs (awwwwwwe) baby kittens (awwwwwwwwe) baby foals (awwwwwe). I use the stories to remind my daughters that their friends and family are still part of our lives though they may be far away, and remind them of all the good aspects of our new country lifestyle. My daughters love contributing ideas to the stories too.  Thanks for the ideas for future stories.

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