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Addition by Trading Poster

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PDF | 1 page | Years: F - 7

A poster displaying addition by trading.

Print this poster out in A3 or larger and display it in your classroom.

Refer to it when you are working with addition concepts.

Information includes:

46+32 = 78
1. Rearrange the equation so
that the numbers line up above
and below.
2. Do the additions one column
at a time.

What if a column adds up to a
double digit number?
47+25 = 72
1. Add the ones column.
7+5 = 12
2. Put the ones value (2) in the
ones answer spot. Put the tens
value (1) above the tens column.
3. Add all numbers in the tens
column. Put the answer in the tens
answer spot.
1+4+2 = 7


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  • Patrick Jones

    When you're adding 7 + 5 = 12 you've illustrated this with 20 ones plus 2. This equals 22 rather than 12. The member above me has noted the same thing. Can you fix this as I'd like to use this and the subtraction poster next week. Cheers

    • Jill (Teach Starter)

      Hi Patrick. Thank you so much for bringing this error to our attention. I have fixed the file and it is available to download again. Cheers

  • Luke Brady

    Great poster but why are there 20 x ones dots under where it says "1 ten" in the working section? I would need to delete that to use this with my students, I feel, as the picture represents the number 22 rather than the intended 12.

  • Casey

    Hi I love this poster but feel it may benefit from the use of place value (ones house and tens house). When you say to do the additions one column at a time maybe it could say 'Start by adding the numbers in the ones column'. Sorry to be so specific but in my class I try to make everything as clear as possible and this poster would be a great resource with those changes :)

    • Jill (Teach Starter)

      Hi Casey, We have made these changes and added ones and tens above the columns. Thank you for the suggestion. Kind regards Scott