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Four Seasons Tree Activity

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PDF | 2 pages | Years: P - 1

Use this template with your students to create a visual display of the different seasons.

Four Seasons on One Tree 🌳

This fun seasons activity has students colour the tree template in four different ways to represent the four seasons; winter, spring, summer and autumn.

The template is then combined to create a three-dimensional tree which can be hung up in the classroom or displayed on a desk.

Instructions for the resource are as follows:

  1. Students colour in one tree for each season.
  2. They then cut out the tree and fold along the dotted line with the coloured part on the inside.
  3. Students glue one half of one tree to another half of another tree. Continue to glue the trees together until they have formed a standing tree.

National Simultaneous Storytime Ideas 📚

Use this template during the lead up to National Simultaneous Storytime 2022.

  • Create a family of trees with each student making a tree and placing their picture on one of the sides. They can write their name and favourite things on the other sides of the tree.
  • Use the four sides of the tree to demonstrate four of the steps in the life cycle of a tree.
  • Print the template on larger paper to create a small groups activity where students can collaborate and aim to re-create the tree from the story ‘Family Tree’ by Josh Pyke. Use colours to represent the tree at different points in the story.

Download & Print — It’s Child’s Play! 

Simply download the PDF template and print a copy for each student. The template consists of two pages. The first page includes the instructions for assembling the activity.

Students will need coloured markers/pencils, scissors and glue to complete this activity.


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