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National Tree Day 2023 Teaching Resources

Bring National Tree Day 2023 into the classroom with printable worksheets, colouring in pages, activities, and more teaching resources for the primary school teacher. Save time with tree-themed printable and digital activites created for your lesson plans by the teachers of Teach Starter! The resources in this collection will help primary school students learn about National Tree Day and the role Planet Ark plays in helping to reduce the impact of humans on the environment. Use the resources to promote interest in ‘getting hands dirty’ with tree planting while contributing to the community!
Looking for ideas for promoting National Tree Day in the classroom and some history of the event? Read on for a primer from our teacher team!

What Is National Tree Day?

National Tree Day is an annual event across Australia that aims to raise awareness about the importance of trees and encourage people to plant and care for trees in their local communities. The event is typically held in late July and is organised by the environmental organisation Planet Ark. National Tree Day is a great opportunity for Australians to come together and help to create a greener and more sustainable environment. The event encourages communities to plant trees in public spaces, schools and other organisations, and private yards and gardens. The event also raises awareness about the importance of trees for the environment and the benefits they provide, such as providing oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide, reducing heat, providing habitats for wildlife, and many more. The idea is for Aussies to help the environment by getting their hands a little dirty! Plant a tree, do some weeding or watering and help to care for the natural environment in your community.

When Is National Tree Day 2023?

National Tree Day will be celebrated on the 31st of July, 2023, which is a Sunday. Your class can get involved on a school day, however! Schools Tree Day is on Friday 29th July.

What to Do on National Tree Day

Typically National Tree Day events include tree-planting ceremonies, community tree-planting events, and educational activities for children and adults. That makes it the largest community tree-planting event in the country. You could organise a tree-planting event right at your school, but don't stop there! Here are a few of our favourite ways teachers and students can get involved.
  1. Learn about the importance of National Tree Day with our Why Plant a Tree Infographic poster before diving into the Mindfulness Colouring Tree — it’s food for thought!
  2. Encourage students to hug a tree! This initiative was started by  Planet Ark to encourage us to reconnect with nature and help ourselves heal from the devastating impacts of bushfire and drought season.
  3. Teach your students about the importance of revegetation in helping the local animal community.
  4. Teach students new tree-related vocabulary words, and follow it up with our National Tree Day – Word Hunt.
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