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Giant Colouring Sheet

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 8 pages | Years: F - 7

A large printable colouring sheet for your whole class.

Use this 8-page colouring sheet to create a whole-class collaborative mural!

Print out the A3 version for a large spread, or alternatively print the A4 size page for a single printout for each student.

Lay it out on a communal table or back it with cardboard and mount it on the lower half of a classroom wall for your students to colour in whenever appropriate.

This activity makes a wonderful mindfulness colouring tool or fast-finishers resource.

Assembly instructions:

  1. Print out the Giant Colouring Sheet one-sided on A3 paper.
  2. Cut along the DOTTED lines only, starting with page A1. As you progress through each page, align it with the border on the previous page. E.g Page A2 aligns with the border labelled A2 on page A1.
  3. Continue through this process, aligning B1 underneath A1 and so forth until finished.

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  • Georgie Young

    My students were very excited to do this but when we printed out the A4 pages there is a significant gap around each page (not the trim area) that is missing lines from the drawing to make the joining up look like the full image

    • Emma (Teach Starter)

      Hi Georgie, I'm sorry to hear that the resource didn't print as expected for you. Our friendly help desk will be back on Monday. If you send them an email at [email protected] they will be able to help you step through the problem. Hope this helps!

  • Jamie Warren

    I'd like to use this with my whole class. There are 21 of them (awkward number I know!). How do you suggest I cut/print this so they can all work on their individual piece and then we put it together?

    • Emma (Teach Starter)

      Hi Jamie, that sure would make sorting your class into groups a little more tricky, wouldn't it! I would suggest cutting the image into 3 x 7 squares, and accepting that your students are going to have to possibly colour half of a character each. Alternatively, you can try our Infinity Colouring Sheet template which is slightly similar --> https://www.teachstarter.com/au/teaching-resource/infinity-colouring-sheet-template/. Each student colours their own section and then they join together to make an infinity image! We hope this has answered your question. If you have any other comments or requests please don't hesitate to let us know.

  • Sarah-Anne Beasley

    Any chance of other giant colouring designs?

    • Emma (Teach Starter)

      Hi Jenni, What a great idea! If you put your request through our Request a Resource widget, our resource team will take a look into this for you. Please find this widget here –> https://www.teachstarter.com/request-a-resource If we can help you in any other way please let us know. Kind regards, Emma