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Haunted Preposition House - Halloween Worksheet

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Practise using prepositions and prepositional phrases with a a fun and spooky Halloween worksheet!

This Halloween Worksheet Is Simply Spook-Tacular!

Get ready to take your Halloween classroom celebration to the next level with our exciting Cut and Paste Prepositions Worksheet! This captivating activity will not only ignite the Halloween spirit but will also teach your students a valuable lesson on prepositions. It’s the perfect way to blend spooky season with content!

Cut, Paste, and Write Sentences Using Prepositions

Your students will have a blast placing spooky characters in, on, under, and beside eerie haunted houses, all while mastering the art of prepositions. After putting the spooky images on the Halloween scenery, students will use prepositions and prepositional phrases to describe their haunted house.

By blending the fun of the season with essential grammar skills, this worksheet guarantees a bewitching blend of education and entertainment. Get ready for an unforgettable journey where prepositions become the stars of the show, making learning a magical and memorable adventure. We can’t wait for you and your students to experience this spooktacular activity!

Other Ideas for This Haunting Halloween Activity

There are so many ways to use the elements in this resource! If you’re not studying prepositions, you can take the printable image and use it in the following ways!

  • Have students use the haunted house image as inspiration for descriptive writing. Encourage them to vividly describe the scene, incorporating sensory details and adjectives to create an eerie atmosphere.
  • Distribute the image and ask students to write the opening paragraphs of a spooky short story, setting the tone and introducing characters or conflicts.
  • Create maths problems related to the haunted house, such as calculating the number of windows, counting the bats, or measuring the dimensions of different parts of the image.
  • Integrate the image into a geography lesson by having students research haunted places around the world. They can mark these locations on a map and share spooky stories about each place.

Download and Print Your Halloween Grammar Worksheet

We’ve created this activity in multiple formats. Use the drop-down menu to select the PDF version, including both a colour and black and white version, or you can choose the Google Slides version that is perfect for assigning to Google Classroom!


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