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Kindness Reflection Activity and Classroom Display

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PDF | 9 pages | Years: 1 - 6

Teach students kindness this school year with an interactive kindness activity and display for the primary classroom.

Set the tone for the new school year with a printable activity and classroom wall display that’s all about kindness, or use this kindness reflection display to talk about all of the ways to be kind on Random Acts of Kindness Day or World Kindness Day.

How to Use This Printable Kindness Wall Display

Teaching students to be kind to their classmates is an important part of social and emotional learning, and we’ve designed this wall display to be collaborative to make the lesson more impactful.

In this way it not only brightens your classroom, but it also forms the perfect first week of school activity to ease your students back into learning in a meaningful way. The topic sets you on the road to building a supportive classroom environment.

The printable resource includes:

  • A beautifully designed banner that you can use as a heading for your display.
  • A rainbow mindmap where students can write down random acts of kindness.
  • Kind is Cool poster – students write down a list of buildups they could say to their classmates.
  • Bee Kind to Yourself poster – students write down a list of personal affirmation they could say to themselves.
  • Be Somebody’s Sunshine poster – students can draw what being kind looks like in the sun or brainstorm and write them down.
  • Be Kind to the Environment poster – students write down a list of things they could do to be kind to the environment.

printable kindness activity and classroom display

Why not set it up at a table with more copies of the mindmaps and brainstorming pages as an invitation to write? Students can then add the display throughout the term or year.

Also available in black and white, you could print this resource on coloured paper and still create a fun display.

How Do You Explain Kindness to Students?

The concept of kindness is abstract, which can make it harder for our little learners to grasp. That’s why our teacher team recommends teaching students about kindness through hands-on activities like this one and exploration of different kind deeds that children can do for their classmates’, carers, and other people they know.

Explaining kindness to students is not something that we do one time with expectations that it will stick. This is a topic you’ll surely be touching on throughout the school year, and these students will encounter more lessons as they move through primary school. With this in mind, we’ve put together some simple ideas for promoting kindness in your classroom that will help reinforce the explanation of kindness for your students.

These include:

  • a random acts of kindness rainbow
  • compiling a list of ‘build ups’ you can say to a friend
  • compiling a list of ways to be kind to the environment
  • compiling a list of personal affirmations
  • brainstorming what kindness looks like

Explore our complete kindness teaching resource collection for more printables and activities to extend the lesson!


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