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National Numeracy Learning Progression Trackers - Number Sense and Algebra

PDF, Word | 14 pages|Grades: F - 6

Individual student and whole class trackers using the Number Sense and Algebra National Numeracy Learning Progression indicators.

Use the whole class Word document to visually track the Number Sense and Algebra indicators that each of your students have mastered. Record the date and any observations that you make in the table. The Word document is fully editable, allowing you to add or remove any indicators.

Also available to download is an individual student tracker PDF.

Trackers are available for the following sub-elements:

  • quantifying numbers
  • additive strategies
  • multiplicative strategies
  • operating with decimals
  • operating with percentages
  • understanding money
  • number patterns and algebraic thinking
  • comparing units (ratios, rates and proportions)
  • interpreting fractions.

Use these trackers to:

  • monitor concepts covered throughout the year
  • identify areas that may need to be revisited
  • assist with report writing.

Please note that these trackers are correct as of June 2018. All information was taken from the Australian Curriculum website and should be cross-referenced with any relevant curriculum documents that your school may implement before use.

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Tana Perry

Are these likely to be updated?

Tana Perry · Jul 19th, 2021

Holly (Teach Starter)

Hey Tana, great suggestion. If you’d like to suggest a change to this resource, feel free to do so by using the options below this comment. This makes it easier for our team to keep track of what resources require updating or changing.

Holly (Teach Starter) · Jul 20th, 2021

Bec Haley

Hi, I was wondering is there a resource for the following: number and placevalue, counting processes and proportional thinking? I can’t seem to find these ones.

Bec Haley · Mar 15th, 2021

Paul (Teach Starter)

Hi Bec,

We currently don’t have a resource for exactly what you have described. I see that you have put through a request as well. Requests are voted on by the Teach Starter community and we create the top requests. Please let me know if you have any further questions, I’m more than happy to help.

Paul (Teach Starter) · Mar 15th, 2021

Urmila Pandey

hi how can i download altogether rather than downloading each one by one. That takes so much of time ;/

Urmila Pandey · Nov 19th, 2020

Paul (Teach Starter)

Hi Urmila,

Thanks for your feedback. This sounds like a good idea for a change request! So we can keep all of our suggestions and requests together, can you please submit a change request to this resource using the Changes & Updates tab above? This tab can be found near the comments section.

Thanks again!

Paul (Teach Starter) · Nov 20th, 2020

Natasha Francis

Is this based on Version 3?

Natasha Francis · May 13th, 2020


Hi Natasha

Thank you for your query. As noted on the website post for this resource, these trackers were correct as of June 2018. We’re currently looking into updating the trackers and trying to find the best way forward – given that there are fairly frequent changes across the curriculum that require addressing.

Kind regards


Janeen · May 13th, 2020

Haley Will

Hi thank you for this resource. Maybe a small edit in the heading from literacy to numeracy?

Haley Will · May 9th, 2020

Paul (Teach Starter)

Hi Haley,

Thanks for your feedback! We have made the edit and the resource is ready to go!

Paul (Teach Starter) · May 11th, 2020

Georgia Tafe

I just want the table on the first page. how do I download it?

Georgia Tafe · Mar 11th, 2020


Hi Georgia
Thank you for contacting us. If you’re just wanting the table from the first page, you can download this via the green ‘Download’ button beneath the title of this resource on the website. Beside this button is a tiny arrowhead. If you click on this, a whole lot of separate page options drop down. Click on the first of these “Quantifying Numbers – Whole Class” and you should get what you’re after.
Please let me know if you have any further problems.
Kind regards

Janeen · Mar 11th, 2020


This looks very helpful, thank you! Would it be possible for the customise function to be added to this resource, enabling all student names to be added to multiple trackers at once, from our word lists?

bryherk248 · Feb 10th, 2020

Paul (Teach Starter)

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback! Please feel free to request a resource at our ‘Request a Resource’ page.


Requests are voted on by the Teach Starter community and we create the top requests. Please let me know if you have any further questions, I’m more than happy to help.

Paul (Teach Starter) · Feb 11th, 2020


A great resource. Thank you!

Kaayia · Jan 3rd, 2020


Hi Kaayia,
Thank you for your lovely comment. I am so glad you are enjoying our resources.

Kristian · Jan 6th, 2020

Christine Cramer

I have tried to open this resource a number of times but the document is blank. Any suggestions?

Christine Cramer · Dec 31st, 2019

Christine Cramer

Google Chrome works and the resource is really useful. Thanks for the advice.

Christine Cramer · Dec 31st, 2019

Michael Taylor

This is fabulous!

Michael Taylor · Dec 31st, 2019


I am so glad you are enjoying this resource!

Natalie · Jan 8th, 2020

Karen Leslie

I love this. Thank you. Thank you.

Karen Leslie · Dec 27th, 2019


I am so glad you are enjoying this resource!

Natalie · Jan 8th, 2020

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