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National Tree Day – The Green Bridge – A Science Investigation

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 7 pages | Years: 5 - 6

A science investigation embedded in a real-world context, where students design a habitat to meet the needs of specific animals.

This open-ended science investigation has been designed to deepen students’ understanding of the features/adaptations of living things and how living things depend on each other for survival. The investigation also provides the opportunity for students to demonstrate their design and technology skills.

Students are provided with a scenario where a fictitious habitat has been split in two by a major highway. A bridge has been built over the highway to form a wildlife corridor. The students’ task is to submit a design for the planting of the ‘green’ bridge. Planet Ark will choose the most suitable design and assist with the planting of the bridge on National Tree Day.

After researching the identified threatened animal species, students select suitable plants from a nursery catalogue provided and design the planting layout of the bridge. Students must also record the quantities and types of plants required on the nursery order form. Their proposal is then submitted as a PowerPoint presentation.

This teaching resource includes:

  • a detailed description of the investigation for students, including step-by-step instructions
  • Mammal Research Template
  • Sprouts Nursery Catalogue
  • Sprouts Nursery Form


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