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10 Spelling Strategies Posters

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 11 pages | Years: F - 6

Educational posters to remind your students of the different spelling strategies.

Print, cut and laminate these Spelling Strategy Posters. Display them in your classroom and use them as prompts for students when completing spelling activities.

This set of educational posters includes strategies such as:

  • Syllables – Break the word into syllables. Most often a syllable will contain a vowel.
  • Blends – Look for blends in the words.
  • Rhyming words – Think of a word you know that rhymes.
  • Base words – Look for small words inside the word.
  • Ask for help – Ask someone next to you or the teacher for help.
  • Displays – Look at the displays around the room and use them to help you.
  • Dictionary – Look up the word in the dictionary.
  • Beginning, middle and end sounds – Say the word to yourself and write the sounds you hear at the beginning, middle and end.
  • Prefixes and suffixes – Look for a prefix or suffix in the word that you already know.
  • Does it look right? – Write the words on a piece of scrap paper to see if it looks right.


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  • Mu Mu Simoens

    Thanks for the info.They are great.

    • Royce (Teach Starter)

      Hey Mu Mu, thank you for taking the time to share your lovely feedback.

  • Tammy Abare

    I love these and can't wait to use them!

    • ·

      Thanks Tammy! So glad to hear you're finding them useful.

  • Emily

    These are great!! Can you please add to the syllables information about what it has to do with vowels? Thanks :)

  • Jasmine de Jong

    I have printed 2 copies on these so that I could stick them back to back and hang them in the classroom. A great way to draw the student's attention to a wide variety of spelling strategies that they should already be away of.