Victorian Curriculum


Understand concepts about print and screen, including how different types of texts are organised using page numbering, tables of content, headings and titles, navigation buttons, bars and links

3 teaching resources for those 'aha' moments
  • Preview image for Features of a Book Cover Poster - teaching resource

    teaching resource

    Features of a Book Cover Poster

    A poster highlighting the main features of the front cover of a book.

    Teach Starter Publishing 1 page Years: P - 3
  • Preview image for Exploring Procedural Texts Unit Plan - unit plan

    unit plan

    Exploring Procedural Texts Unit Plan

    This English unit has been designed to introduce procedural texts to younger students. It addresses the purpose, structure and language features of instructions and recipes.

    Teach Starter Publishing 118 pages Years: 1 - 2
  • Preview image for Procedural Texts - Text Structure - lesson plan

    lesson plan

    Procedural Texts - Text Structure

    A 60 minute lesson in which students will identify and explore the structure of procedures.

    Teach Starter Publishing 71 pages Years: 1 - 2 60 mins