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Big Drink 2-Minute Timer Video

Teach Starter Publishing
2 mins | Years: F - 6

Use a fun 2-minute timer created just for teachers to provide a visual reference for students and time activities! Students can watch time count down with the numbers displayed on the screen!

Count Down 2 Minutes With a Fun Timer for Teachers

Are you tired of having to find your phone each and every time you need to time a task in the classroom? This simple online timer for teachers has you covered for every 2-minute activity!

Starting with a 10-second countdown to get students ready, the video timer features a fun and colourful animation of a little girl drinking from a cup with a straw. The time is also counted down on the screen with the minutes and seconds reflected in bold black letters, so students have a visual to reference as the time winds down.

Best of all, you can save this Teach Starter video with the bookmark icon (it’s right beneath your video) so you can access it quickly!

What Can You Do in 2 Minutes in the Classroom?

Are you trying to quickly think of 2-minute activities where you’ll use this online timer? It may not be the right fit for some activities, but there are heaps of ways our teacher team uses this timer in our own classrooms.

Here are just a few you might want to borrow for your classroom management:

  1. Time Your Gallery Walk Stations — Whether you allow students to wander your gallery walk in small groups or on their own, timing their visits to each station is a must to maintain order!
  2. Keep Transition Time to a Minimum — Limit the time it takes to transition from one activity to the next with a timer that keeps kids moving.
  3. Provide Time for Think, Pair, Share or Quiz, Quiz, Trade — These cooperative learning techniques are perfect for centering students in the learning process, and a timer can help keep kids on track.
  4. Add a Time Element to Active Games – Playing zip, zap, zoom indoors because it’s raining outside? You can challenge your students not to be the last person to receive a direction when the timer’s 2 minutes are up.

More Handy Classroom Timers for Teachers

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Teach Starter Publishing

Teach Starter Publishing

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