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Fractions of Sets Worksheets

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 12 pages | Years: 1 - 3

A suite of worksheets to consolidate students’ understanding of fractions of sets.

Use these printables to explore how sets of objects can be partitioned into different fractions.

The following unit fractions are investigated:

  • half
  • quarter
  • eighth
  • third.

These worksheets reinforce understanding of the set model for fractions.

What Is a Set Model for Fractions?

When teaching fractions, there are a number of different models that require exploration. Students might examine:

  • fractions or parts of a whole shape/area
  • fractions of lengths/strips
  • fractions of number lines
  • fractions of a group/collection of objects (sometimes referred to as the ‘set model’).

When solving fractions of a set, students recognise that the ‘whole’ is the total number of objects in a collection and that finding the parts involves counting amounts.

How is this Resource Used?

On each page, students cut out the objects and distribute them evenly to show the nominated fraction in the table provided. They then complete the sentence describing this unit fraction. The table and accompanying sentence descriptor could then be glued into their workbook.

In some examples, 2 different fractions of the same whole number are presented. Encourage students to compare the differences in the size of these parts, e.g. ¼ of 12 pears compared with 1/3 of 12 pears etc.

Give students all the sheets to complete, or simply choose those that suit their abilities.

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