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If you follow the Instagram teaching community, you will know that it is full of amazing ideas and inspiration for the classroom, not only that, it’s also an extremely supportive and inclusive community of teachers! We have picked some of our most favorite images and teaching ideas to share with you.

You may want to follow some of these amazing Insta Teachers as inspiration for your classroom!

Rainbow Stool for the Classroom

What a gorgeous addition to any classroom. We love how katieplus4 has used a crayon, pencil, glue stick and paintbrush for the legs of this gorgeous stool for the classroom. All hand painted as well…

Clever Storage Hack for Bingo

This storage hack is AMAZING! Our huge collection of Bingo cards can get a little overwhelming! Check out how misscampbeltas has used a dishwashing rack and some bright, vibrant folders to keep her classroom Bingo games in order!

Nifty Storage Solution for Task Cards

Have you seen our 120 open-ended Comprehension Strategy Question Cards? Yep, that’s right 120!! This is where this awesome idea by desireephilip2614 had us smiling. She spent a little bit of her time laminating and cutting these little beauties, but her storage solution is the best!

Tactile Activities are Important!

We just love how Lauren from teacher_types has used a variety of objects on our 2D Shape Playdough Mats. The perfect tactile, hands-on and fine motor activity to get your students hooked on their learning!

Get Organized for Guided Reading!

Guided Reading doesn’t need to be painful. We just love this image of organization perfection! Our lovely friend over at thetotallydefunkteacher shared this image on her Instagram page of our Guided Reading folder covers and dividers all set up and organized in one folder!

Storing Usernames and Passwords

Create password avatars so your students never forget their username or passwords again! We love how teachingonthegc used our Avatar creator widget and key tags for this awesome idea!

Classroom Boggle Display

A fun activity that will help your students with reading and spelling. We love this display that creativesteamstudio has made using our letter tiles.

Word Wall Perfection

Word walls always take up so much space! This one takes up the same amount of space regardless of how many words you add to each letter of the alphabet! I love that students can take the set of words for a particular letter away and return it when they have finished! Thanks to preparing_for_prep for using our rainbow word wall template.

Flexible Seating Idea

Some flexible seating goodness from miss.goodytwoshoes. She hunted down these coffee tables and the balance cushions from Kmart. It’s amazing what you can find on a budget!

Hands-on Learning Fun!

Lauren from teacher_types has used our Clothesline Number Cards literally on a line with pegs! A great fine-motor activity too!

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I did it! My first Instagram live! If you missed it, it should still be in my stories if you wanted to check it out. Makes me think that I really should talk to you more often. ?☺️ So just to sum up a few of my favourite @teachstarter resources… ? Number t-shirts to peg onto a clothesline – so fun! ? Fish food play dough ? Alphabet play dough mats (which can also be used for letter of the day craft like we did) ? Alphabet tracing book (and what I meant to say in the live but I don’t think I quite explained myself, is that even though my child loves sitting and doing worksheets, some children learn better in other ways – and of course we always need to ensure of a good balance between worksheets and hands on play based learning ?) ? Hundreds boards and mystery pictures. ? Water unit including rain cloud in a jar experiment. ? With much more to share over the coming months. Thanks again to the Teach Starter team for their ongoing support and collaboration. ??

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Mailbox for the Classroom

How gorgeous is this classroom mailbox! Purchase a cheap one from your local hardware store and decorate it with whatever you wish! We love that this teacher used this box as a ‘safe box’, somewhere her students could write down their issues or concerns for her to read and chat with them about.

Flexible Seating is Everywhere!

We loved the colors and the idea of this flexible seating option. These bedside tables were purchased from Fantastic furniture by missemmasclassroom.

Fruit Rainbow Fun!

This image just makes you smile, doesn’t it? We love the colors and fruit inspired images for these pencil pots by colormadehappy. Follow her for some amazingly bright images and ideas that could be used in the classroom.

Storage Solution for Teaching Resources

How do you store all of your teaching resources? We love how yearsixwithmrst has used these strong plastic pockets to store a lot of her Teach Starter resources!

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