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23 Teacher Jokes That Will Crack You (And Your Students) Up!

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Can we talk about teacher jokes for a minute? Dad jokes get all the hype, but let’s face it: Teacher jokes are a whole lot better. Who else can make kids giggle while also managing to pull in a lesson or two?

Using jokes in the classroom isn’t just a way to lighten the mood. The science actually shows us that laughter builds community, which means your corniest and cheesiest teacher jokes can help your students come together and feel more like a team. And there’s more!

There’s evidence that jokes and humor can trigger the brain’s dopamine reward system, which is linked to goal-oriented motivation and long-term memory. Not bad for some silly teacher jokes, huh?

With that in mind, we pulled together some of the best jokes for kids to leave your students in stitches plus a few silly teacher jokes because you deserve a smile too!

Want more jokes for kids? Print our joke cards for kids to use as an ice breaker, a brain break, or just as a reminder of jokes you can use!

Best Jokes for Kids to Use in the Classroom

Getting nosy

Q: What did the left eye say to the right eye?

A: Something between us smells!

How’s the water?

Q: How does the ocean say hello?

A: It waves!

Historical funnies

Q: What did they drink on the Titanic?

A: Sanka!

Q: If April flowers bring May flowers, what do Mayflowers bring?

A: Pilgrims!

kid joke cards

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Teacher Related Jokes That Will Make You Giggle

One for the grammar enthusiast…

Q: How do you comfort a grammar teacher?

A: Say… “They’re, there, their.”

What a good problem to have…

Q: Why was the teacher wearing sunglasses in the classroom?

A: Because the class was so bright.

For the teachers with kinders.

Q: Which school teachers have the greenest thumbs?

A: The kinder-garden teachers.

Math teachers…

Q: Why was the geometry book so adorable?

A: Because it had acute angles.

Happens to the best of us…

Q: What do you call a teacher who forgot to take attendance?

A: Absent-minded.

Those math questions…

Teacher: If I had 8 oranges in one hand and 10 apples in the other hand, what would I have?

Student: Big hands!

Half a day for all…

Teacher: We will only have a half-day of school this morning…

Students: Yay!!!!

Teacher: Then we will have the other half this afternoon.

Ain’t that the truth…

Teacher: What is the most common phrase used in school?

Student: I don’t know!

Teacher: Correct!

Yes, you…

Teacher: What are two pronouns?

Student: Who? Me?


Teacher: What did you do at the weekend?

Student: I did some cooking.

Teacher: Lovely, what did you bake?

Student: Synonym rolls just like grammar used to make!

Want more jokes for kids? Try this PowerPoint full of teacher jokes, or use these blank joke cards for kids to encourage your students to write their own!


Teacher: Give me a sentence beginning with ‘I’.

Student: I is the…

Teacher: Remember you must say ‘I am’ not ‘I is’.

Student: All right. I am the ninth letter of the alphabet.

Geometry class…

Q: Why was the geometry class always tired?

A: Because they were all out of shape.

The king of the class…

Q: Who’s the king of the classroom?

A: The ruler.

Stationery fun…

Q: What did the pencil sharpener say to the pencil?

A: Stop going in circles and get to the point.

Dictionary dig…

Q: What’s the longest word in the dictionary?

A: Smiles. Because there’s a mile between the first letter and the last.

School dance…

Q: Why didn’t the skeleton go to the school dance?

A: Because he had nobody to go with.

I saw the sign…

Teacher: Why are you late for school?

Student: Because of a sign down the road.

Teacher: What does the sign have to do with you being late?

Student: The sign said, “School Ahead, Go Slow!”

Something to ponder…

What if math teachers are pirates and they just want us to find X so they can get the buried treasure?

A teacher that doesn’t know anything…

Child: I think we need a new teacher.

Mom: Why’s that?

Child: Our teacher doesn’t know anything! She keeps asking us for the answers…

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