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The month of July is welcomed by a fantastic new monthly graphic on the Teach Starter homepage. This month’s graphic has been created by the incredibly talented designer – John Causley in recognition of NAIDOC week.

John has been working with Teach Starter since March 2017!

Here’s his amazing work…


John’s Story

John grew up in the small town of Maclean in NSW. His first paying job was stacking fruit and veg on the shelf at the local IGA.

Before commencing at Teach Starter as a graphic designer, John worked in a variety of organizations including, community support (disability) and office admin in a law firm! John then decided to study Creative Arts with a major in Graphic Design at University.

When John set out looking for a design job, he wanted to work in either health or education because he wanted to make a positive contribution to the world.

“I think Teach Starter was the perfect fit for me, and I like that we are all working together to create something that assists teachers, and in turn helps children to get a better education.”

When John isn’t creating amazing designs that end up in your classroom, he enjoys cooking, playing golf, and spending time with family and friends.

Let’s Play a Game

We thought we’d have some fun and play two truths and a lie about John!

  1. His year one teacher told his mom he’d probably end up doing something creative when he grew up.
  2. At the age of 2, he was in the 1989 Australian TV series ‘Fields of Fire’.
  3. The only goal he has ever scored in a game of soccer was for the opposition.

What do you think? Scroll to the bottom for the answers!

John’s Awesome Work

In his time working at Teach Starter, John has worked on some amazing resources on the website – here are some of his favorites:

Block Beasties Classroom Theme Pack

How incredibly amazing is this classroom theme pack? John designed this extensive collection of building block-themed resources ready to jazz up your classroom.

2-D Shape Puppet Templates

How incredibly adorable are these shape puppets that John designed?

Light Box Inserts

John worked incredibly hard to get these templates just right for our members to download! A collection of light box insert templates ready to go in a variety of subjects.

light box insert resource pack teachers downloadable students

Drum roll…

(1) My year one teacher told my mom I’d probably end up doing something creative when I grew up. 

This is true! His teacher was absolutely right…

(2) At the age of 2, I was in the 1989 Australian TV series ‘Fields of Fire’. 

This is false! He was offered the part, but when presented with the opportunity, he cried and requested to be taken home. His first real acting role was playing a donkey in his second grade primary school nativity play.

(3) The only goal I have ever scored in a game of Soccer was for the opposition.

This is also true, no one told him that after half time the teams change ends!

Follow John on Behance.


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