Mr D Will Shock and Delight in the New Podcast Series by Teach Starter: Friday Funnies.

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Mr Joe Dombrowski (AKA Mr D) is an experienced teacher. When it comes to strange and hilarious things kids do and say, he’s seen (and heard) it all! So what did one sweet, little kindergarten child say to stop Joe in his tracks? And how did Mr D handle a parent sassing him in an interview? What’s the funniest thing a serial blurter has said in his class? You’ll have to tune in to Friday Funnies with Mr D to find out!

Mr D is passionate about education and has recently ventured into the professional performing arts, becoming a stand up comedian with a touring show. You can find him on Instagram as @mrdtimes3.

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Friday Funnies the newest feather in the Teach Starter podcast’s bow. Our podcast, For the Love of Teaching, has been warmly received and praised by teachers around the world. We’re now releasing a huge THREE podcasts each week, bringing you real talk, laughs and inspiration.

For the Love of Teaching is the podcast by teachers for teachers.

Join me weekly as I check in with Mr D for some hilarious laughs, but heed this warning: Mr D doesn’t hold back, so Friday Funnies is not intended for ‘little ears’ – it’s strictly grown ups only.

If you’re a teacher, a teaching assistant, an administrator, a parent, or have ever set foot inside a school, Friday Funnies is sure to ring true for you. Grab the tissues, subscribe on your favorite podcast app, and brace yourself.

Full Episode Transcript

Bron: For the Love of Teaching, is a podcast brought to you by Teach Starter. We save teachers hours each week, by creating quality, downloadable teaching resources for their classrooms. Visit Teach Starter dot com to make your classroom buzz …

Bron: Warning, this episode of Friday Funnies is not for little ears. If you’ve got kids with you, save this listening goodness for later …

Bron: Joe, Mr. D, Dombrowski is a grade five teacher, and professional comedian, who inspires kids to love learning with his quirky sense of humor. Follow him on Instagram at Mr. D times three. I’m Bron, and this is Friday Funnies, with Mr. D …

Bron: Hey Mr. D. Nice to see you.

Joe (Mr D): It’s nice to see you too.

Bron: Today we’re going to talk about little kids, and unexpected moments that they bring.

Joe (Mr D): Oh, it’s beautiful.

Bron: So what’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you with a little student. I’m talking like kindergarten, grade one, type of age.

Joe (Mr D): Perfect. So kindergarteners are my favorite, especially when they swear, because-

Bron: When they swear?

Joe (Mr D): Oh, yeah. Because they don’t know what it means. So usually they’ll use the word totally wrong, or they’ll just think like, oh yeah, I’m just talking like an adult duh. You know what I mean? Which is my favorite. Before I even tell you this story, one of my favorite things to do is when kindergartener come up, and they’re like, they said a bad word. I always lean down, and I go, what was it? Just so they say it, because it’s so funny. That’s a terrib- , I’m going to get fired, but that’s fine.

Bron: That’s your favorite, you said your favorite part of teaching, just hearing their sweet little angelic voices-

Joe (Mr D): I will belly laugh. It’s so funny. I’m just like, just go to class, just go to class. And I don’t even teach kindergarten. That’s probably part of the reason why I love it, because they’re not my kids. You know?

Bron: Yeah, yeah, so just so you just let them yeah. Hey Joe, do you know what my favorite part is, when they say, Sally just said the S word. And you think, oh gosh what is it? Shut up. My son said to me, “Oh my friend said the worst word to me today.” I said, “What did he say to you?” And he said, “Calm your farm.”

Joe (Mr D): That’s a terrible word in the States, did you know that? I’m just kidding. I’m just joking.

Bron: Do you know, calm your farm?

Joe (Mr D): No idea.

Bron: Like calm down, calm your farm, like settle down.

Joe (Mr D): Oh, like your farm, like of animals? Calm it, I love it.

Joe (Mr D): So I’m not teaching kindergarten. I teach fifth, but the kindergarteners are all, you know they’re all over the place. I’m walking in the hallway, and there’s a kindergartener walking, and he looks a little bit upset, but not really that upset. And he looks at me and goes, “Get out of my (bleep!) way.” And I didn’t know what to say, so I looked at him, and I said, “Excuse me, can you ask me nicer please?” And he goes, “Get out of my (bleep!) way please.” And I let him go.

Bron: Well he did do what you asked.

Joe (Mr D): I know. That was a doozy.

Bron: Thank you for joining us today.

Joe (Mr D): Bron you’re like, just end it.

Bron: We’re done. We’re done. Enjoy your day, and I hope nobody says the F word to you today.

Joe (Mr D): Absolutely. Same to you. Hey, calm your farm. I’ll talk to you later.

Bron: Thanks for joining us for Friday Funnies. Don’t forget to subscribe to For the Love of Teaching on your favorite podcast app, to get updates on all the latest episodes …

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