Climate Change Education: Collective Action Starts in Schools

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The 26th UN Climate Change Conference starts later today in Glasgow, where world leaders are meeting to discuss climate change and the future.  What we can definitely expect though is large demonstrations around the world, particularly in Glasgow, and a lot of pressure on world leaders to do things like stepping up ambitions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Climate change education is also something that is discussed by this body, so we could see something about that on the side, but building back better after the pandemic, and taking up those opportunities to invest in clean energy and low emissions industries, is going to be on the agenda.

So while we’re hearing about this a lot in the media, and maybe talking about it in our staff rooms and with families, we wanted to take a bit of time to hear from some teachers about how and where climate change comes into their classrooms.

Listen as Michael talks to five teachers about how they’re implementing climate change education in their classrooms internationally.

To access resources and information referenced in this episode, please visit our blog, Climate Change Education: Where to Start.

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