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Declarative, Interrogative, and Exclamatory Sentence Match-up Cards

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 8 pages | Grades: 1 - 2

A set of match-up cards to use when teaching younger students about the types of sentences.

Use this hands-on teaching resource when introducing your students to different types of sentences. It would make a perfect addition to writing centers!

To prepare the resource, print on cardstock for durability and cut accordingly.

Suggested teaching activities

This versatile resource can be used for a range of whole class, group/pair, or individual activities.

  • Whole class – provide each student with a card from the deck. Challenge the students to find their ‘sentence team’; that is, they must gather in a group with all the other students who have the same type of sentence as them. For an extra challenge, make the activity a race, or ask the students to complete the task in silence!
  • Groups or pairs – allow the students to use the cards to play a variety of card games. Some examples include ‘Memory’ (match the same sentence type to win a pair), ‘Snap’ (win the deck by snapping when the same sentence type appears twice in a row), and ‘Go Fish’ (asking for a sentence type card from the group in order to make a pair).
  • Individual – allow the students to work individually to match the sentences with the sentence types.

You might like to introduce the concept of sentence types using the following PowerPoint presentation:

Image of Statement, Question, Command, Exclamation PowerPoint

teaching resource

Statement, Question, Command, Exclamation PowerPoint

A 14-slide editable PowerPoint template that introduces the attributes of the different types of sentences.

Teach Starter Publishing14 pagesGrades: 1 - 2


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