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Division Strategies

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 7 pages | Grades: 3 - 6

A set of six posters with clear examples of division strategies.

The six division strategies include:

  • equal groups
  • partition
  • fact family
  • repeated subtraction
  • long division
  • short division


  • Math 3.4(K)

    Solve one-step and two-step problems involving multiplication and division within 100 using strategies based on objects; pictorial models, including arrays, area models, and equal groups; properties of operations; or recall of facts.

  • Math 4.4(F)

    Use strategies and algorithms, including the standard algorithm, to divide up to a four-digit dividend by a one-digit divisor;

  • Math 5.3(C)

    Solve with proficiency for quotients of up to a four-digit dividend by a two-digit divisor using strategies and the standard algorithm;

Teach Starter Publishing

Teach Starter Publishing

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