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Giant Letter Tiles with Numbers - Lowercase

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 26 pages | Grades: 1 - 6

Use these giant letter tiles for a variety of vocabulary and spelling activities.

Use this teaching resource in the classroom during English Group Activities or during spelling lessons.

Print out the letter tiles on colored paper and laminate them to be used again and again.

Ideas of how to use this resource:

  • Create a grid on the whiteboard using a variety of letters. Set the timer and have students write down as many words as they can see in the time limit. Students then calculate the word score for each of the words they were able to find in the timeframe.
  • Set a grid up on the board and provide your students with the same number of tiles each. Students are required to make words and can keep score using the numbers on the tiles they have used.
  • In pairs, students are provided with seven letter tiles each. They need to work together to create as many words as possible in a certain time frame. What is the highest scoring word they can create?


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