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Free Counting From 1 to 10 Activity — Hands And Numbers Template

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PDF | Grades: PK - 1

Teach counting from 1 to 10 and one-to-one correspondence with a creative (and free) printable activity for preschool, kindergarten, or 1st grade.

Hands-On Counting From 1 to 10

Take finger counting to a new level with a fun (and free) activity for teaching counting from 1 to 10. This printable hands and numbers activity template has been designed to allow primary-grade students to get hands-on — literally — as they make the jump from reciting the numbers 1 to 10 to being able to identify the numerals and build their understanding of one-to-one correspondence.

This printable worksheet can be used in a variety of ways in your pre-k, kindergarten, or 1st grade classroom, but we’ve put together one of our favorite activities to get you started — a DIY felt board that will help teach students all about numbers to ten.

Here’s what you need:

  • Hands and Numbers Template
  • Colored felt, including one large white piece
  • Hook and loop strips
  • Colored beads
  • String
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue gun

printable counting from 1 to 10 hands on activity with felt

What to do:

  1. Stick the white felt onto the cardboard with the hot glue gun. Depending on the size of the board, you may have to use two pieces of felt.
  2. Cut out the hands from the Hands and Numbers Template.
  3. Use a pen to trace around the hands onto your felt (the color you choose is up to you, but using different colors to represent the skin of the hands is key to classroom inclusivity).
  4. Cut out your the felt hands.
  5. Cut out the numbers from the Hands and Numbers Template.
  6. Trace your numbers onto different colored felt.
  7. Cut out round pieces of felt just a bit larger than each number, and stick one felt number to each round disc.
  8. Glue the hands on the white felt background, but only under the palms so that the fingers can be manipulated by your students.
  9. Cut a piece of string, and thread on 10 colored beads.
  10. Use two small white rectangle pieces of felt to glue down the string at either end.
  11. Glue a strip of either the hook or loop on the palms of each hand.
  12. Then choosing the opposite, cut small squares that can be stuck on the tips of the fingers. It’s best to hot glue these pieces as well to ensure they last longer.
  13. Enjoy!

An example of how this template can be used can be seen in the video below.


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