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Pledge to the Texas Flag - Poster

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PDF | 1 page | Grades: K - 6

A poster with the words to the Pledge to the Texas Flag.

Did you know Texas is one of only twelve states that requires its school children to say a pledge of allegiance to their state flag every morning? There is a historic reason for this.

At one time, Texas was a sovereign nation. A sovereign nation is a nation that has one centralized government that has the power to govern a specific geographic area. In other words, it has a defined territory with just one government. When Texas joined the Union, it was understood that the Union had to always respect Texas’ history as a sovereign nation. That is why the flag is such an important symbol to Texas, even today.

In 1933, the Texas Legislature wanted to formalize the flag’s importance by requiring all school children to have to recite a pledge to the flag.

Print out this beautifully designed poster on tabloid paper and hang in your classroom as a visual reference for your students each morning.



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