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Radiation Sorting Activity

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Google Slide, PDF | 10 pages | Grades: 6

A set of 20 cards to sort according to the type of electromagnetic wave.

This resource is a great way for your students to practice identifying the type of electromagnetic wave based on its characteristics.

Print out the task cards on cardstock and cut them out along the dotted lines. Store them in a resealable bag to be used again and again, year after year! Looking for a way to save on paper? Why not slip the student recording sheet inside a dry-erase sleeve so that students can wipe it clean when they have finished!

Fun Ways to Use Sorting Cards with Your Students:

  • Place a set of the sorting cards in your science center and have your students sort the cards based on the type of electromagnetic wave and record their answers on the student recording sheet.
  • Use as a whole-class review activity before an upcoming assessment. Give each student a mini dry-erase board and a dry-erase marker. Project one of the task cards on the screen and have your students record their answers on their board. When everyone has written down their answer, say “Show Me”. Students will flip their boards and this allows you to easily see who needs extra support before the test.
  • Use as a whole-class Scoot activity for students to practice their newfound knowledge. Place the numbered cards around the room and assign one card to each student. Students will rotate through the cards, recording their answers to each question on their recording sheet.
  • Why not play a game of “Knock Off” with your class? Students stand up and make a line across the room. Project a task card on the screen. Draw a student’s name to answer. If the student answers the card correctly, they tap the person either to their left or right with their elbow. The person who is tapped must sit down. If the student answers the card incorrectly, they are the ones to sit down. Play continues until there is only 1 student standing.

Use the drop-down menu to choose between the PDF or Google slides version. A student recording sheet and answer key are included in the download.

This resource was created by Gaby Perez, a teacher in Texas and a Teach Starter Collaborator.


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