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Valentine’s Day 2023 Teaching Resources

Get your classroom Valentine's Day ready in 2023 with classroom decor, activities, printable cards, and more ways to celebrate this heartfelt holiday with your students! This teaching resource collection was created by the teachers of Teach Starter — so you know every printable, every worksheet, and every craft has been designed with teachers in mind! Looking for Valentine's Day vocabulary words? How about Valentine math activities or templates to bring the February holiday into your reading centers? Yup, we've got you covered! Many of the resources are even curriculum-aligned, so you can satisfy those state standards while you're warming up those little hearts mid-winter.
New to writing Valentine's Day lesson plans? Read on for a primer from our teacher team!

What Is Valentine's Day?

You may know the real background of this February holiday, but then again, maybe not! Valentine's Day is a global holiday celebrated in mid-February that's traditionally set aside for people to express their love and affection for one another, often by giving flowers, chocolates, or other gifts to their romantic partners. The holiday is named after Saint Valentine, a Christian martyr who lived in the 3rd century. The origins of Valentine's Day as a celebration of romantic love are not entirely clear, but it is widely believed to have originated in ancient Rome as a festival honoring the goddess Juno, the queen of the Roman gods and goddesses.

When Is Valentine's Day 2023?

You probably know by now that the holiday is celebrated on February 14, but is Valentine's Day on a school day this year? The answer is a resounding yes — it's a Tuesday in 2023, and that means many schools in the US will be open (although you may have a winter break going on). While some schools ban Valentine's Day parties in the classroom, if yours is one where the holiday is celebrated, you might want to circle the date in red. Or maybe add a heart?

How to Keep Valentine's Day Positive in Your Classroom

Valentine's Day can be a hard holiday for kids — after all, bullying and clique-ish behavior can easily run rampant on a day when cards are handed out in the classroom. Even when there are "everyone gets a card" rules in place, this holiday can easily go sideways. Don't want to cancel the fun of the heartfelt holiday? Our teacher team has some tips to make sure Valentine's Day is positive in your classroom in 2023:
  1.  If your class will perform a Valentine exchange, skip the process of card creation at home and stick to in-class card creation. While this will take more time out of your lessons, it will ensure children who do not have money to purchase cards are not left out of the celebration. No time for that? Use our printable valentine cards for kids, and send the templates home to parents, so every child is on the same playing field.
  2. Instead of enforcing an "everyone gets a card rule," be more specific. Instruct students to write one (or more) nice message(s) for each person in the class on their cards.
  3. Create Valentines for veterans, nursing home residents, etc. Instead of creating cards for their classmates, why not focus on kindness and create Valentines for people in their community who are often forgotten? This allows kids to celebrate in a positive way and skirts the fraught issues inherent in a classroom exchange.
  4. Make Valentines for a buddy class. Do you have a buddy class this school year? Have your students create cards for the students in that class, rather than the students they see every day.
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