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Sight Word Splash Game - Set 2

K-3 Teacher Resources
PDF, Word | 2 pages | Grades: K - 2

A fun sight word game for children to play in the classroom.

Use this fun game when practicing sight words. It is ideal to use as a reading center activity.

Print a Sight Word Splash game board on cardstock. Group students into pairs and provide each pair with a recording worksheet, one die, and two different colored counters.

Students take turns rolling the die and moving their counter that number of spaces. They must say the sight word they land on out loud. If they read it correctly, they record it on the worksheet in their column. If they cannot say the word, their partner can ‘steal’ the word and write it in their list.

The student with the most sight words written in their column at the end of the game wins!

Be sure and download our Sight Word Splash Game – Set 1 too!


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