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Strong Verbs Word Wall

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 2 pages | Grades: 3 - 6

A set of 100 strong verb vocabulary cards.

Print and display these strong verbs words wall cards in your classroom.

Strong verbs provide more description than weak verbs. Strong verbs:

  • put a detailed picture in the reader’s mind
  • are concise and keep the reader’s attention
  • convey the level of meaning to a reader
  • connect the subject and the action in the sentence.

A blank sheet is provided at the end of this teaching resource for any extra words that you may wish to add.

Words include:

attack, blast, blush, bolt, bounce, charge, chase, chatter, chuckle, collide, conceal, construct, dash, demolish, despise, disappear, dodge, drain, dread, ease, eject, emerge, engulf, examine, faint, fling, focus, frolic, frown, gallop, glance, glare, glow, gobble, grip, groan, growl, gulp, haul, honk, howl, humiliate, irritate, lash, leap, limp, melt, mutter, nuzzle, ooze, peer, pelt, perch, pester, pitch, pluck, prance, purr, rage, recuperate, report, retrieve, reveal, rush, sabotage, scatter, scrape, screech, scurry, shiver, shove, shriek, shudder, skip, slither, smirk, sniff, snoop, snooze, snore, sob, spray, sprint, squeeze, squint, stagger, stumble, tease, trip, trot, tumble, tweet, twist, vanish, wander, whimper, whistle, wiggle, wobble, yelp.


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