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Word Work Grid and Worksheets - Version 2

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 9 pages | Grades: 3 - 6

A grid with spelling activities and corresponding worksheets that can be used for any set of spelling words.

Activities on the grid include:

Syllable Words – Group your spelling words according to the number of syllables.

Working Out Words – Group your spelling words into nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and other.

Words Within Words – Search each spelling word for smaller words inside, e.g. within ‘father’ are the words ‘fat’, ‘at’, ‘the’, and ‘her’.

Sell Your Words – Write a TV commercial for a product of your choice using as many spelling words as you can.

Cartoon Connection – Create a cartoon strip using as many spelling words as you can.

Spelling Bee – Write your words, definitions and sentences on the Spelling Bee Word Cards. Swap cards with a partner and ask them to spell the word. You can ask for the definition or the word used in a sentence.

Define It! – List your spelling words in the boxes on the left side of your paper and then write the definitions of each word on the right side, in random order. See if a partner can match the words and definitions correctly.

Lie Detector – Write a true or false statement explaining/ relating to each of your spelling words. Swap your words with a partner and see if they can correctly identify if the statement is true or false.

Script – Write a piece of dialog between characters of your own creation. See how many spelling words you can use in the conversation. Use quotation marks and underline each spelling word.

Scrambled – Write each of your spelling words jumbled up on the left side of your page. Swap with a partner and see if they can unscramble each of the words and write the correct word on the right side of the sheet.

Editing Expert – In pairs, write a piece of text using each other’s words. Spell them incorrectly, swap pieces of text, and then correct the spelling of your words.

Texting Words – Translate your spelling words into numbers using the phone keypad on the Texting Words Worksheet. Write the number that represents each word.

Word Worth – Use the Word Worth worksheet to calculate the value for each of your spelling words. Highlight the word/s that are worth the most and the least.

Word Search – Use grid paper to make a word search using your spelling words. Write the words on the lines below, and see if a friend can find all of the words!

Spelling Search – Search through old magazines or newspapers to find as many spelling words as you can. Cut them out.



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