8 Fun and Effective Lesson Closures

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  • Dorothy McMahon

    Sometimes we play 'Trashketball', where you split the class into two teams, and you have a collection of scrap paper scrunched into balls. You ask a question reflecting on the days learning, and the student who answers correctly wins a point for their team, then get to shoot a trashketball into the recycling bin for an added 2 points. The team at the end with most points gets to leave first (or use whatever reward you like). I've even played 'Reviewsical chairs', which is like musical chairs, but the person left standing challenges someone, the teacher asks a reflection question and the winner sits down and the other student is out of the game.

    • Victoria (Teach Starter)

      Hi Dorothy, Thanks for sharing your great lesson closure activities! I'm sure everyone will give them a go. Kind regards, Victoria.

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