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Back to School Gifts for Students (Personalised Student Bookmarks)

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Can you believe it’s back to school time already? Getting everything organised and sorted can be an overwhelming task. Classroom displays, term planning, professional development days, first-day activities, etc – it’s the never-ending to-do list for a teacher! We’ve come up with the perfect idea to ease the first-day jitters and get everyone (including the teacher) off to a great start. Back to school gifts for students don’t need to be expensive, or even a time-consuming item on your ‘to-do’ list.

Can you imagine a student finding these two items on their desk when they enter the classroom at the beginning of the school year?

First day of school word search and back to school gift for students

Don’t have an activity for your students to do as they enter your classroom yet? We have you covered… create your very own class word search using your students’ names (they’ll love it).

Want to know how to create a word search? Our word search widget is super user-friendly and you’ll have one of these ready to go in a no time. You’re welcome!

Printable Personalised Student Bookmarks

Recently, a Teach Starter member requested through our request a resource function for some personalised student bookmarks. The idea was that she could give them to her students at the beginning of the year. Because it was such a popular request that other members were voting on, we created the cutest, most adorable back to school personalised student bookmarks going around!

Our personalised student bookmarks for younger students and personalised student bookmarks for older students are a must download this back to school season.

How adorable are they?

Personalised student bookmarks

The beauty of these bookmarks is that we have created them so that teachers can pick what suits their needs best. Both sets are available to download in full colour and black and white, as well as in a PDF format and Microsoft Word.

Back to School Gifts for Students

Print the bookmarks on thick card or add some thick card backing to the bookmarks to ensure they are durable. Your students will absolutely adore having their very own name on a bookmark that they can use throughout the year.

Personalised student bookmarks

Don’t have the budget for printing colour?

We hear you! There are some schools that just don’t have the ability or the budget to print these bookmarks in colour! So, we also had these created in black and white. You can print them on bright coloured paper. Alternatively, leave some coloured pens on your students’ desks and they can decorate their very own personalised bookmark while they settle into their new learning space!

Personalised student bookmarks

As mentioned, back to school student gifts don’t need to be an expensive or time-consuming ‘extra’ task for you this back-to-school season! Simply download your preferred format of these personalised student bookmarks and you’re ready to go!

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We’d love to see these bookmarks all ready to go for day one!


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  • Holly (Teach Starter)

    Hi Rachel, Can you try to add your students’ names and then print? We believe it just looks slightly faded in Microsoft Word due to the text box in each bookmark being there to allow you to personalise and add the names of your students. Hope this helps.

  • Rachel Grech

    Hi Holly. Looking for advice re colour in the previous message you referred to but can't find it!

  • Sharon Ritchie

    These are lovely, but the editable ones in the Word document are not as bright and colourful as the PDF ones. Is there a way to fix that please?

    • Sharon Ritchie

      Ahh, thank you :) Should have figured that one out on my own. Thanks for your prompt assistance.

    • Holly (Teach Starter)

      Thanks for your kind words, Sharon. Please see some advice in the previous message about the colour of the bookmarks.

  • Sarah

    I love these I have already printed them out for my students for their first day back :-)

    • Holly (Teach Starter)

      Fantastic Sarah! We hope your students love them as much as we loved creating them.

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