Flexible Seating in the Classroom: Infographic and FREE Posters!


Written by Cassie (Teach Starter)

Do you use flexible seating in the classroom or do you know someone who does? This awesome infographic clearly answers some common questions:

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  • What is flexible seating?
  • What are the benefits of flexible seating?
  • What rules are needed in a flexible seating classroom?
  • How do I set up flexible seating?

With direct quotes from students who learn in a flexible seating environment every day, you can also download this infographic as a set of four printable posters for free!

Flexible seating in the classroom - benefits and how to


Are you keen for even more flexible seating information?
Check out our blog post “Flexible Seating in the Classroom: Unreal or Unrealistic?”

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Flexible seating in the classroom - an infographic and free set of printable posters

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