A Simple Way to Get Kids Writing Every Day

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  • Stephanie Cockerton

    Our "Daily Write" is a highlight of each day. I provide my students with a prompt from a writing prompt website, and they write for ten minutes. I teach only boys (Year 3) and this is one time of the day when you could hear a pin drop in the classroom. Often, there will be consensus that the boys want more time to write (which I always provide). The challenge for most of the boys, is sharing their stories once they have finished writing. In order to support development of their comprehension skills, I ask them to close their books and TELL the class their story, and most of them find this very difficult. This is optional, but most of the boys volunteer to share their stories, as they are generally very proud of their writing. Those who originally decline, volunteer once one or two students have shared, and generally everyone shares their writing. They love the fact that I never read or mark their writing. I have noticed massive improvements in student confidence and motivation to write over the course of the year.

    • Kristian

      Hi Stephanie, Thank you for your lovely comment. I am so glad you are enjoying our resources.

  • Elizabeth Eeles

    Gathering seeds for your own Writer's Notebook as a Teacher enables you to experience the same process that the students in your class feel. Take the challenge to decide what to write, how to arrange it on the page and then to be committed to writing drafts of the ideas that lead to published writing. Modelling to your class is important so that students can see the process and understand the variety in the kinds of writing. In my class I encourage students to bring artefacts like magazine cuttings, tickets from outings etc. and find ways to create pockets to insert them into the notebook. The development of vocabulary is important, so a section is included on the page for the development of words that could be used later in crafted writing pieces. Expecting students to record different types of writing is worthwhile if the description is more detailed such as: Read the book of Storm Boy by Colin Thiele. Find parts of it to record in my writing journal that I find really interesting and add my opinions as a response. Thank you for your ideas for a front cover and other writing ideas for the notebook. Elizabeth

    • Holly (Teach Starter)

      Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much for your in-depth comment. It's so nice to hear how creating a Writer's Notebook has helped both yourself and your students. Thanks again.

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