How to Create a Calm Down Corner in the Classroom to Promote Self Regulation

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  • Monica Kendall

    Is the Chill out zone poster that is pictured available through teach starter?

  • Nicole Hill

    I am thinking of establishing a chill out corner but I am worried that it may become abused by student not wishing to complete work. How do you tackle this? Regards, Nicole

    • Victoria (Teach Starter)

      Hi Nicole, Thanks for your comment. It is great to hear that you are going to set up a chill out corner in your classroom! To prevent your students from taking advantage of the space, we suggest that when you introduce the chill out corner, you establish a set of agreed class rules for the use of the corner. This way, your students will know the expectations for when and how the corner can be used. When explaining the rules, you may like to enforce that if the chill out corner is 'abused' it will be taken away. Also, it is a great idea to have a timer in the chill out corner so that the students can only use the space for a certain period of time. We hope that these tips help and that your students love their new chill out corner!

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